November 27, 2012

A Home Remedy for Ear Infections

Tis' the season for sickness.  Inconvenient sickness. I dread sickness, I abhor sickness but it is a part of this fallen world. We must deal with it and at the same time try to take care of the "temple" God has blessed us with.

I tend to gravitate toward natural remedies and letting the body use it's God given abilities to fight off issues. I make my own remedies and also buy natural (or homeopathic remedies) to cure our ailments.  I thought I would share with you a natural remedy we use around here to get rid of any sign of an ear infection.  It has always worked - even on my Husband.

At the first sign of any ear pain I put together a concoction of garlic infused coconut oil to use in the ear canal.  It is really easy to make. Let me share with you the recipe and how to make it.

Recipe for natural cure for a beginning ear infection

You will need:
~1-2 tsp. of GOOD (preferably organic) coconut oil
~a sliver (like 1/8th tsp.) of chopped fresh garlic clove
~Small saute pan
~small portion of a cotton ball

Put coconut oil and garlic in pan on low-medium heat.  Saute it together until you smell the garlic. The oil will be heated through and the garlic will have released some of it's juices.  Do not burn the garlic or cook the garlic too much.  Let the garlic coconut oil cool off a bit until it is just warm. 

Have your child lay on his or her side with hurting ear facing up.  Take a small spoon (or dropper) with a few drops of the oil on it and place it directly into the child's ear. Make sure the oil you use has NO garlic chunks in it. We don't want that going directly into the ear canal.  Have your child lay on their side for about 5 minutes to let the oil go in deep.  After the five minutes put the cotton ball in the ear to block any oil that makes its way out.  The best time to do this is right before bed BUT if your child has a painful earache during the day go ahead and do it right away.

Every single time we have used this remedy is has warded off an ear infection.  My oldest son has only gotten one full blown ear infection and that was years ago before I started using this remedy.  My husband and sons have never had one since using this solution.  Usually they wake up in the morning and the pain has fully subsided.

Do you know the benefits of coconut?  There are so many..... among many others it is an antifungal, antibacterial, antiparasitic and full of vitamins, miunerals and amino acids.  Check out this link to learn more: Coconut Research Center

How about the benefits of garlic?  It is a natural antibiotic, full of antioxidants, and can reduce your risk of cancer.  Find out more at this link: Dr. Christopher 

(Please note, I am not a doctor and do not assume any liability for this remedy.  I only know by my own experience that this has worked for our family.)


Please note - I am not a medical doctor.  What I say on this blog is based on my own research along with my own personal experiences.  I assume no liability and my advice, ideas or suggestions should not replace those of your own practitioner.

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  1. josh no longer has ear tubes as of this past week, so after he's all healed up, we'll be able to try this out! thanks!


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