November 13, 2012

Today.... is THE day! ALCAT phase 2 begins

Yep.  Today is the day.  I have done it.  I have made it to my three month mark - that is 91 LONG days of eating according to my ALCAT food sensitivities.  This is a big milestone a day to celebrate!

Now my long list of foods that I can't eat got a bit shorter. I still have three more months to complete the rest of this elimination diet but I think this was the hardest phase.

Now I get to start by picking any food on my moderately sensitive list to add back into my diet.  I can introduce one every five days and see if my body has a reaction.  If it does then I should probably back off of that food for another three months or so but if not then I am good to go and can eat that food moderately every 5 days until my gut (sounds weird but that is a term for stomach, large intestine, small intestine, and colon) continues healing. Once my gut heals then my body will stop attacking good foods as if they were foreigners and in turn causing inflammation in my body. 

First up for re-introduction is .....

Organic Corn (yes, it has to be organic because did you know that Corn is one of THE most genetically modified food out there? Yep, it's true.  Buy organic to ensure you are not ingesting GMO's.)

Sweet Potato (Organic)

Tomato (Organic)

Coffee (Organic)

Turkey (Organic)

Apple (Organic)

Coconut (Organic)

I have 37 foods that are available for me to put into my rotation diet now.  It will take time because again, I can only introduce a new one every five days.  I have 62 foods that are on my mildly sensitive list too that I can rotate.  The severely sensitive list I have to wait to reintroduce until next year (March to be exact.)  Then I can finally have garlic again and black pepper (that's a hard one to stay away from) as well as pears, pecans and pinto beans.  There are a bunch more but those are some of the ones I really miss.

It has been a tough journey and I still am not symptom free with my health but have made drastic improvements through many, many things that I have done. One thing is for sure - sugar (even getting too much from fruits) causes terrible aching in my bones and joints.  Staying away from that has taken all my achiness away.  Praise the Lord!

So you can rest easy today knowing that I am getting to eat corn!  Yay!  I know you were very concerned. :-)



  1. I am soooo happy for you! Now let's go shopping because corn and turkey are not going to add 20 lbs back to your body.

  2. I am sooooo happy for you! And impressed. That took some real discipline. Now let's go shopping- corn and turkey are not going to put 20 lbs back on that body.

  3. Keri, you crack me up! Shopping sounds fun.

  4. mmmm! I am so excited for you! I had a delicious cup of coffee this morning (i won't mention all the extra stuff in it that made it yummy). I don't think that I would have had the perseverance and discipline that you have shown. I'm proud of you! ~gina

  5. All I have to say is AMAZING! You are an inspiration and light for Jesus, as you are living out your faith and truly leaning on Him in this endeavor. I admire your strength and so proud of you! Yay for corn and turkey...just in time for Thanksgiving! ;) Love to you and the family! Talk soon, k?

  6. Well that is good news for sure!!


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