June 9, 2012

I'm Alive

I am bummed that it has been a month since I have posted.  This last month has been a doozy.  I did a cleanse (to get rid of toxins and such) at the end of May and seriously about died.  The cleanse did not work with my body and if there were any side effects (or serious ones) I had them.  I actually am still having complications from it.  Warning* if you plan on doing a cleanse do THOROUGH research on the ingredients as well as how they can affect you if you already have various ailments or take medication.* Also it is a good idea to have a naturopath come along side you for support while you go through the cleanse.  I did do my research but instead of being the one that had no side effects, I had the worst ones that are "rare."  It was really scary for about a week and I only did the 10 day cleanse for 2 days.  If I would have done it any longer I would have been in the hospital.  Thank the Lord for my family who was able to take are of my kids while I was on my death bed and Steve had to work.  When Steve was home he helped out a lot.  He was great.

I am starting to feel better but am still eating a very narrow diet.  I am trying to pinpoint what (if anything) I am allergic to and causes me to itch.  I won't get into the gory details but this is my 19th day without sugar - not even natural sugar from fruit or honey. It is hard and I can't wait to hopefully eat normal again.

I plan on getting back to regularly posting and am really excited to share what is going on around here.  School is out so the summer fun has begun!  It is so nice to have a break from school. Today was our first official day being finished.  We planned to be done last month but my health issues changed all that.

I don't have any pictures ready to post this time (sorry) but I promise pictures next time.  I just felt like I needed to say something here so my friendlies don't write me off! Love you guys and thanks for reading my blog!



  1. Oh Jenn, I'm so sorry! I thought you were just cutting out certain foods. I didn't know you were taking something else with it. I want to talk to you when you get a chance to hear the whole story. I am SO glad you're OK!
    ~Michelle B.

  2. Jenn, I had no idea! I'm glad that you are doing better; hopefully you found out the cause of the itching. It was wonderful catching up with you today. I miss you!


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