May 10, 2012


How about some little tidbits of information to catch you up on our lives?

*School will be done for us in a couple of weeks!  Yay!  We are all excited for Summer Break.

*We had a wonderful Easter spent with my family complete with and Easter egg hunt and a wonderful lunch together.

*A couple of weekends ago I got the privilege of going on a Women's Retreat with our church.  We went to our local resort mountain town and had a blessed time. 

The lake was like glass one of the mornings I was there.

*The "creating" I posted about here is almost done!  It is coming along nicely and I would have been done sooner but I decided to add some finishing touches that are taking a bit longer.

*We recently had a death in our family.  Corbin's frog "Lake" died.  He was very upset.  I can tell he is growing up because a couple years ago when the other frog we had died it didn't phase him a bit.  This time he was so sad. We had a burial for him in our garden bed.  Now that portion of the garden will be called "Lake's Garden."

*We have gone fishing twice now.  There is a pond a block away from our house and a fishing trailer comes every couple of weeks to teach the kids how to cast and catch fish.  It is so much fun!  I took the boys yesterday to the pond and we tried hard to catch something.  They were catching 6lb. trout out of this pond! I really tried to recruit some of the male gender to come along because I REALLY didn't want to have to touch and poke a slimy old worm.  No luck though!  Steve had to work but did really want to be there.

This gentleman was there teaching casting to the kids.  There were also men there to bait the hooks (only the first time though we had to do it the other times!)

I combed Corbin's hair.  I promise!  The wind was just blowing.

The nice man gave me eggs for bait because he knew I didn't want to touch worm guts.  Under this cup of eggs is a marshmallow cup and a worm cup eewwww!

We are so blessed!

*A LOT of these (see below) have been popping up around our house lately. We have been getting rid of them quickly!  This is the season that the wasps decide to build their nests.  What an education for Corbin.  We are reading this series of books and they talk a lot about bees and wasps and their intricacies and instincts God gave them. A couple of weeks ago I checked this movie out of our Co-Op's library and it has fit perfectly into the spring season with bees and wasps all around.  I highly recommend this movie series (by Moody Institute) and the above book series. He has gotten to keep some of the nests in his "nature collection" box.

*Speaking of school, last week we had our last co-op day.  In the evening we had a presentation night that was a lot of fun.  We got to see performances from singing to taekwondo.  All the students projects were laid out on tables and it was a blessed time.  I am grateful to have been a part of this co-op this year.  Corbin had a blast and I got meet some wonderful mothers with like minds.

He made a Native Americans Lapbook in his history class.

Corbin did a Lego Club with public speaking class too.  He said he was nervous the first time speaking but got used to it after a while. He did some other classes too but I didn't have pictures of P.E. (with kickboxing) or Armor of God class.

*Time to plant our seedlings next week!  No more sign of frost and now my counter will no longer be the greenhouse.  Yay!

*I am going to do a 10 day cleanse coming up in a week and a half.  Hoping to improve my symptoms of Hashimotos Disease and Hypothyroidism.  I am not looking forward to it very much but excited to feel better.

*Cody just wanted to say hello!



  1. I love the family picture of the four of you :-) and your fishing pics create a desire in me to take the boys fishing again! blessings to your wonderful family :-)

  2. I just LOVE that picture of Cody; puts a smile on my face! ;) Great to read about all the fun stuff you guys have been up to. The fishing sounds great; what a blessing that it's SO close to home! I agree...the worm stuff is icky...although, I've been told that you can use the gummy candy ones as bait too (not sure if that's a fact). Hope the cleanse goes well and you feel better! Love to you all! ;)


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