February 8, 2012

To Create

Once upon a time I used to create. Craft, sew, paint, draw, and more.  I loved to create. Heck, I even earned a bachelors degree in art (emphasis in graphic design).  Making things and designing things was a daily occurrence. 

Then I had got married and had kids.......

Creating certainly didn't stop but it slowed.  I put most of my extra energy (if there is such a thing) into scrapbooking which I still do and love. I have missed all the other though.  I am determined through this season of life of being a mommy with young ones to use the abilities God has given me and to get back to some of the things I have missed.

I love to sew.  I took a sewing class in high school and it was so much fun.  I used to make dolls, pillows, blankets, window coverings and more!  I am going to put my (rusty) sewing skills to good use starting now!

See this....

This is our school room.  When we moved I had about two weeks until we had to get back to school and so most everything got put away very quickly and not in a really organized fashion.  I have big plans for this school room! I want it to be a bright and colorful, cheerful place that we want to come and learn.  A place that gets our minds revved up!

I am going to start simple (because like I said, is there really "extra " time?)~

I went to the fabric store and got this....

I love this material.  It has so many colors in it and it is not feminine.  Good thing because I am surrounded by BOYS in this house! Even a boy cat!

I am going to use this material to make book case covers for the bookcases you see in the first picture of our school room.  I can't wait!  You will be able to open them from the front but the cute covers will make the room look a lot more tidy and less cluttered.

Look at this....

This is the curtain covering one of the window in the school room.  Obviously first I am going to get a new curtain rod so it hangs properly.  Second I am going to embellish these coverings with the material above and some bias tape I bought.  I plan on putting layered circles on this to brighten it up.

Lastly, I have this bulletin board.... this boring old bulletin board....

I plan on sprucing this up with a bit of paint and some fabric.  We need a bulletin board and this one is still functional it is just plain ugly.

Stay tuned to see if my sewing skills can be put to the test and I can use the newly bought material to spruce up our school room.  I will share my creations.  However, I can't promise how soon I will share.  I am hoping in about a month to have this all done.  I love it.  It really gets my creative juices flowing.

Do you create?  Why not start simple and get back to something that you have really missed doing?  I pray you can!



  1. I'm excited to see how it turns out!

    You totally have me excited to do something myself! I am definitely in gear for that kind of project.

  2. I'm excited to see your creations, too!!

  3. Can't wait to see! Love the colors! I aspire to have time to sew; once upon a time I did...home economics was a fun class for me too. The oldest wants to learn to sew so she can make dresses for her doll. Maybe that will be my excuse to dust off the ol' sewing machine...homeschool lesson?! ;)

  4. I have had to shelve some of my creative hobbies, too. But keep thinking that it's time to teach Liv to sew...so maybe We both she and I can jump into a fun project! I can't wait to see how it turns out!


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