February 29, 2012


Is it already the end of February?  What happened to this month?  It sure was a whirlwind.

Here are some tidbits of things that happened in February:

~Steve got a job!  Praise God.  He has perfect timing.  God allowed Steve to be home for five months with us before going back to work.  He provided everything we needed and more.  I am so grateful for the time we had with Steve home.  It was like we went into "retirement" mode and we got so used to him being around that it was strange after he went back to work.  As much as I thought I wanted the old routine back of him at work and me at home, I was sad when he went back.  The first day was very hard. I am SO grateful that he has the perfect job for him though.  Thank you Lord!

~My sweet Grandma who has been such a huge Godly influence in my life had her 91st birthday this month. I am so happy that we live so close to her now that we can celebrate these times with her.

~I got an abscess in my gums (near my wisdom tooth that just came in) and it hurt like crazy for a week.  I am so thankful that God healed it before I had to go to the yucky dentist.

~The boys and I went to a local retirement home with a friend and her boys for Valentines day to pass out flowers and cookies.  I have always wanted to do this but usually the thought just stays in my head.  Thank you my sweet friend Jessi for taking the initiative to actually make this happen!  She was so prepared and her boys were so sweet.  Her oldest boy even showed the elderly how to make tissue paper flowers.  It was such a fulfilling time and something that we all can't wait to do again. Corbin has been asking to go back ever since.

~Steve and I began teaching Sunday school together at our church this month. We teach the second and third graders.  At first I was a little reluctant to take this commitment on but Steve has led us the whole way and it has been a major blessing.  That age group is so much fun.  They always have cute and funny things to say and they always have something to talk about.  Our first Sunday Steve even led a little girl to the Lord!  I remember in third grade (at church) was when I first asked the Lord in to my heart.  It changed my life forever. Teaching has been a lot of fun. We love to get to know the boys and girls.

~We had a visit from my Mother-In-Law for five days.  It was a blessing to have her here.  The boys kept hoarding her and vying for her attention.  She really helped out a lot.  We all enjoyed some meals out and shopping together when Steve would get off work.

~I have found a doctor here and hope I will like this one.  We will see. My appointment is next week. My health has been pretty up and down lately and I am looking for someone who will find the cause not just treat the symptoms.  It seems like every other week I am getting sick and if I am not sick something else is wrong like extreme itchiness or overall fatigue and lack of motivation. I covet your prayers if you are so inclined.

~This morning I woke up to Steve yelling "Jenn! Get up there's a tornado!"  All of sudden I am up with my heart racing (not even awake) while Steve is grabbing the kids from their rooms.  We start running downstairs to the basement for shelter.  He said, "The roof is blowing off the neighbors house and there is stuff floating all in the air outside."  I was thinking, "Seriously, did I really want to move here?"  "I thought we got away from the natural disasters?"  Anyway, long story short, we were safe and apparently we have these things here called "micro bursts."  After doing some research they are the beginning of a tornado (which have never happened here-thankfully.)  It is when the whirling wind is spinning horizontally instead of vertically.  In other words no funnel cloud yet.  They can burst 70 MPH winds though.  What Steve saw was real.  There were roof shingles all over our street and the fence fell over across the street and a tree downed a few streets over.  We have some minor roof repair to be done.  Pretty crazy!  Waking up to a HUGE rush of adrenaline was not what my fatigued adrenal glands needed this morning but I am glad Steve got us to safety.  These could never take our house away or anything like a tornado and really we are fine in other levels of our house but we are so new at having "weather" that it was intense.

For March we will see what the Lord brings.  I know two things on my "list:"
~Taxes (yuck)
~Making our guest room into a craft room.  We will still be able to convert the room for when we have guests so they have a room to stay in but I will use it much more for creating during the times we don't have guests. I can't wait!

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  1. February has come and gone so quickly!...Like a whirlwind, or shall I say micro burst. ;) Thankful that you all were safe and minimal repairs needed (I would definitely have been scared too). So many praises in the month with Steve's job and the exciting Sunday School teaching! Can't wait to hear what the Lord will bring in March!


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