June 22, 2011


Have you heard of a Biomeridian test?  I hadn't before until I felt it necessary to find out what kind of foods I am sensitive to. Thankfully I have a friend who is very health conscious and chooses a holistic/natural approach to health problems rather than the traditional medicine route. Something I do in general as well. She had this test done before and recommended it for me.

A Biomeridian test is a low voltage electrical charge introduced into the body, and the precise level of electric current conducted through the acupuncture points are measured. Information about various organ systems and musculoskeletal regions is obtained by the level of the readings. Various stimuli may be introduced, and any change in electrical conductance at various acupuncture points provides useful diagnostic information.

Yesterday I sat with a doctor who spent an hour doing a biomeridian test with me. During the test I held a brass rod in my left hand and the doctor used a probe to take readings on my hands and feet. My participation was that simple.

It was so interesting and I highly recommend this test.  Especially for those who seem to have health issues like allergies, weird pains, joint problems, rashes, sick often, etc. 

What was amazing is what the doctor found out.  At the end of the test I was given a report with more than 300 hundred results on it.  The results told me in what areas of my body "stress" was found, what was balanced in my body and what was weakened (meaning organs.)  "Stress" could mean anything like deficiency of something, toxic level in your body of something, or sensitivity to something.

Thankfully in my results I had nothing in "weakened."  I did have many "stresses " though.

I wont be able to give you all my results on here because it would be SO boring to you and take up too much space but I will give you an overview of exactly what is tested and for me what/where I have stresses.

What main areas of the body of tested:
Lymph system
Large and small intestines
Nervous system
Allergies (what your allergic to)
Endocrine system
Connective tissues
Fatty tissues
Urinary bladder 

**Stressed areas for me: Lymph system, circulation, allergies, endocrine system, stomach, skin and fatty tissues. WOW! In all 7 of those stressed areas I DO actually have symptoms in my body.

In each of those main areas tested (under the bold title above) there is a breakdown in my results of exactly what is stressed in that area. For instance, in my endocrine system I have a "stess" of T4 - thyroxine.  Which means I have a deficiency of T4.  This is true, I have hypothyroidism and my levels are fluctuating right now.

There were some stresses I can't share that are personal but I found out things like, I have a level of lead, mercury a nickel in my body.  This is due to some dental work as well as vaccinations from when I was a child.

I confirmed allergies I have to dust, grass, etc.  My hurting wisdom tooth that is coming in even showed up under the teeth section! I showed a big deficiency in minerals in my body.

It told me what foods I am sensitive to - Gluten of course being confirmed :-( Corn was another one!  AAGGHH.  No thanks. Seriously corn, it's in everything!  Even mushrooms and red and green peppers my body is sensitive to.

The nuts I love are the ones I am sensitive to, of course.  Cashews, pistachios and peanuts.  Thankfully we live in a time where there is almond butter to replace peanut butter.

This overview is really just the tip of the iceberg on what info you find out with this test. It is well worth the money (usually places who do this don't take insurance.)

I am grateful to have this knowledge because now I know what can cause various symptoms that I have going on.  Natural medicine finds the cause does not just treat the symptoms.  Yay!

The next step for me is to do an 8 day detox to rid my body of the things that are giving me problems (metals, etc.) Also, now because of my awareness of things my body is sensitive to I can alter my choices and lifestyle. Not an easy task but slowly it will happen.

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