June 6, 2011

Activity of the day

Today we did an activity that I found in my June Thriving Family magazine.  I love this magazine. Focus on the family creates it and they are now offering subscriptions for FREE!  If you don't get it I highly recommend that you subscribe to it.  

During the summer TF Magazine usually has a couple pages that have a calendar on them and a summer activity to do everyday that incorporates God's word along with a fun thing to do. I love the ideas because they are really creative and make me think to.  Anything that brings God into our everyday tasks is a winner for us.

Today's activity was to have your child write a bible verse (specifically Psalm 119:11).  Once it is written down then cut it up like a puzzle.  Then hide the pieces around the house and then have a little hunt to find them.  Put the puzzle together and during the week memorize the verse as a family. Beware that if you let your little one cut the puzzle pieces, you may have A LOT of pieces to find that are crazy difficult to put back together.  So fun though!

I have to say that this activity did help me to hide God's word in my heart.  While trying to put the puzzle together I had to recite the verse many times and because of that I actually memorized it.  Corbin did the same and now we know a new verse together!

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