May 27, 2011

A quote from Corbin

I was getting ready to hop in the shower the other morning and Corbin ran out of my room with enthusiasm saying, "Mommy I am going to write you a quote!" I said, "OK ,who is the quote from?"  He looked at me like I was from outer space and said "Me!" "Wonderful, I can't wait to read it." I said as I went into the bathroom.

So he must have gone to the school room and got a white piece of paper and wrote out his quote.  When I finished getting ready he told me the quote was waiting for me on the dresser.
This is what it said:

We are like a plant on windy days. But God is like the grass on days that are windy he is still. Corbin

This was totally unexpected.  I expected it to be about his stuffed animals or a game he was playing.  I did see him earlier that morning looking out the window for a longer period of time.  Now I know what he was noticing.  It melts my heart to know that a 5 1/2 year old has thoughts like this.  That they can be about God and who he is.  I will treasure this forever. I am encouraged to keep teaching Corbin about who God is and His character as well as giving him a Godly worldview. Our children are never too young to learn this. 

Clearly the Holy Spirit was at work in this boys heart that morning.  Praise God!


  1. Okay... I LOVE this! thanks for blogging and sharing his heart :-)

  2. WOW what insight!!! That was wonderful. Treasure that forever- Heidi

  3. Corbin has the kind of child-like faith that Jesus talks about in Matthew 18:3. His heart is amazing and his "quote" is precious. - Love Uncle Jeff


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