January 24, 2011


My blog has been a bit heavy lately so I thought I would post some interesting facts about me and some fun pictures.  (I love to read blogs with a little of both - some seriousness and transparency as well as fun and excitement.)

*I have been seriously craving Daphnes Fire Feta lately.  My friend posted about it on facebook and that was all it took.  I splurged (well actually I had a gift card) and went and got a tub of it today.  I WISH I had the recipe!

*I cannot wait to sleep through the night again.  Cody started to sleep through the night in November, before he got the stomach flu and after that it has been all downhill!  Can't complain too much though because when he was younger he was waking every one to two hours.  I at least get 4-5 straight hours now.

* I love Ethiopian food and I haven't had it in a while.  I hope to get to go have some soon.

* I cannot wait until the season premiere of 19 Kids and Counting tonight.

*Below are a few things I have gotten in the mail recently that have totally excited me.  Yup - a dictionary!  I am so excited about this because the definitions are not modern.  In other words, when you look up the definition of marriage you get The act of uniting a man and woman for life...Marriage was instituted by God himself..."Marriage is honorable in all..." Heb. 13.  and more!  Love it!  I also ordered four bible study books for myself.  They will last me for quite a while.  I am loving this because I haven't been able to sign up for church women's bible study in a while for various reasons.  I was able to order exactly the books and topics that I needed.  Can't wait to dig in.

*Corbin recently had his last day of his homeschooling bowling league, complete with Donuts and juice AND pizza.  He won a trophy for Boys highest scratch score. I am so grateful for opportunities like this in our homeschool group.

*Last week we spent part of a day with my father-in-law (aka. Papa Dave) at a local park to play some baseball.  Corbin has really taken to the game lately and loved to go and practice. He has improved a lot too over the many times we have been.  He is great at pitching and batting.  Cody went too and tried numerous times to get into the game. He had his little bat and ball to play with.

*Corbin and I made homemade dog treats to take to our family's dog Rosie in Idaho for Christmas.  It was so fun.  I decorated the package with my cousins awesome stamps.  Rosie (or Royeee as Cody calls her) gobbled the peanut butter treats up!
*I have been in awe of how times flies lately.  When I look at Corbin I cannot believe his is so big already.  It seems like I just had him and he was a little toddler.  Time will fly with Cody too.  One of the reasons I love photos so much is because I get to look back on the progress and growth.  Love my two miracles! Here is Corbin...

*This is the first year I have decided to do our family scrapbook digitally.  I have done both traditional an digital scrapbooks for years but have reserved the digital for vacations.  One reason I decided to start a digital family album for 2010 is because each year I take more and more pictures and I am not able to fit them into the traditional albums anymore.  Or put it this way, I am not able to fit them into the ONE family album anymore.  I was starting to do two for each year.  It was getting to be too much.  So now I am doing them digital and can put a ton of pictures in them and they don't even take up half the space.  Here are a few of my favorite pages so far from my 2010 family album

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  1. OOH! I've got some dutch oven envy going on. Good things come to those who wait- good job, Jenn!

    I like the light and fluffy, too :) Your blog draws me in because you are transparent and do real life stuff. And plus, you're my friend. I can't get into some blogs because I don't really know the person, you know?


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