December 28, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. I have thought all day today was Wednesday and it is actually Tuesday.  I am so excited about this because that means more time to spend with my extended family.  Yay!

2.  With all the goodies lying around it has been very hard to resist temptation and not indulge.  I do have self control but am having to REALLY exercise it now.

3. My husbands birthday is coming up in a couple of days and then we get to bring in the new year.  Wow 2010 was a blur to me.  I am so glad that I take pictures and scrapbook because it helps me to remember the good times.

4.  It has been fun playing some of my sons new games he got for Christmas - Chomp, Hiss, and Creationary.

5. I am so excited, I got this fun Cake Pops book for Christmas.  I can't wait to make cake pops for a birthday or special event.

6.  I have been patiently waiting for my husband to set up his iPad.  He has had it since last Thursday and STILL has not set it up.  It is torture to me.  If it was mine I would have at the first opportunity.  Oh rats on patience!

7.  It was nice to know that some people actually look forward to receiving our Christmas card each year and were disappointed to find out that we did not send one.  It is nice to know that people care. I was sad to not be able to send one out either.

8.  Cody now has four teeth and is getting the cutest little smile.  If I say "Show me your teeth." he stretches his mouth really big and shows me. 

9.  We have been around our family's dog named Rosie for a few days and Cody walks around the house calling her "Rooooyyeeee."  It is so adorable.

10.  I am hoping and praying for a peaceful 2011.  One that I can look back on with fond memories.

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  1. Wow Jenn, he's walking around talking! It has been too long. I keep picturing him as a little baby still not a toddler like Elliana. I can't wait to see you all after Corbin is better.
    Yes, I was one of the disappointed ones not getting a Christmas card from you but I am one to talk right? This blog helps. We still get to know what all is going on in your lives all year.....for the most part that is :o)


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