October 11, 2010

Menu Monday 10.11.10

Happy Monday!
I managed to make everything I set out to make last week accept for Split Pea Soup.  For that night we ended up going out to Bj's Restaurant and Brewhouse.  We are not drinkers, we go there for their food which is excellent!  Steve an I enjoyed a deep dish pizza and we all had their tasty nachos for an appetizer.

Last week Paula's chicken pot pie turned out exceptional.  The crock pot beef stew was flavorful and the meat was tender. It was hearty and filling! I made the broccoli cheese soup and it wasn't my favorite.  The process which the soup was made was not right. You add the flour into the broth rather than make a roux to start with. It tasted good but the texture was off.  I will try a different recipe next time I make this.  I do love broccoli cheese soup and I want to find the most excellent recipe.

Here is this weeks menu:
Monday - Cheese Tortellini with Marinara sauce and a side Caesar salad
Tuesday - Bobby's goulash
Wednesday - Mini turkey tacos - I found these cute little mini tortillas at Costco last week and I can't wait to use them
Thursday - Rotisserie chicken, roasted red new potatoes, steamed cauliflower
Friday - Veggie Quesadillas
Saturday - Leftovers
Sunday - Split Pea Soup with crusty bread

I am looking for new crockpot recipes.  I have been doing tacos a lot the past few weeks because there are so many variations that you can do am we like them. Soon I want to do a barbecue chicken taco just like the pizza but in a taco - you know gouda cheese, cilantro, red onion, etc.  Anyway, can you share with me your favorite crockpot recipe?  I am in need of some new ones that have been tried and liked.

Cheers to another week. Happy cooking!

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  1. Jenn- We only have maybe two or three go to crockpot recipes. I rarely try any others because most of them don't pass the flavor/texture thing with everyone, but I have two for sure I can send you right now :)


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