August 4, 2010

Mega Bubble Maker

Corbin got this bubble maker for his birthday.  It makes like 1000 bubbles a second.  It would be so cool to have it at a kids party or something.  Anyway, the boys were playing with it the other day and they loved it.  Cody had to get used to it but he eventually loved it.

Umm, what are all these things floating in my face?

Ok, I am getting used to them now.

Maybe my brother will help me?

I really do like this!


I love my big brother.

Thank you to our friends the Lins for a fun birthday gift!


  1. So funny, loved his facial expressions!!! Those bubble makers are awesome. The girls love bubbles, thanks for sharing such fun pics.-Heidi

  2. Great pics! Glad this is something both boys can enjoy!


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