July 29, 2010

Partying with Chuck

Before Cody was born last year Steve and I  took Corbin for a special Day at Chuck E Cheese.  He had never been there and of course he loved it when we went there. He immediately said "I want to come here for my birthday."  We thought about it and since it was his 5th we said he could.  (We are only doing bigger parties with friends on the big birthdays now. It saves money and I don't want Corbin to expect that he gets a big party every year.)

Going to the big Cheese brought back so many memories for me because I loved Chuck E Cheese when I was little too.  I actually still like it but not on really crowded days.  They have made it much safer, brighter and cleaner then it used to be and games are only 1 token each!  YAY!  I celebrated many of my birthdays there.

I was going through some pictures the other day - some "vintage" pictures - and guess who I found?
At Chuck E Cheese on my fifth birthday!

Call me silly but I thought it was pretty cute that both Corbin and I celebrated our 5th birthdays at Chuck E Cheese.  We had a lot of fun for his birthday and like I said it has changed a lot - for the better!

Here are some pics of Corbin's 5th.
Hey I didn't get a cool crown with tokens in it!

Mr. Cheese has changed too.  Corbin said in my picture he looked like a bird. 

They still had the cheesy characters singing and they said his name in his birthday show.  He even got a Chuck E Cheese Medallion.

They also had a really cool experience for the birthday child called the ticket blaster.  You get inside this big tube and then the wind blows and the tickets blow around and you see how many you can get.  They also have big tickets in there worth 2 and 300 tickets!  So as you can see in the above picture, Corbin was not so sure of this.  He does NOT like to be the center of attention and so when he got in the tube and everyone was laughing and staring at him (because they were excited) he didn't like that. He's just like me.  I don't like to be the center of attention either.  In fact, last year when the family sang Happy Birthday to him he crawled under the table until we were done.  Anyway as you will see in the following pictures he did end up enjoying it and got used to it.  He is maturing at the ripe ole' age of 5.

Corbin rounded out the day with a total of 780 tickets.  He had a ton of fun with his friends and had a great birthday.

Steve and I were burnt by the time we got home.  His back hurt and I had a headache.  We were drained.  The experience of a Chuck E Cheese party as the parent is quite different then the experience when I was five but we were blessed by being able to do this and Corbin was very thankful. Great new memories.  Who knows maybe Cody will want to go there on his fifth?

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  1. That's awesome that you found a picture of you on your 5th at Chuck's! What are the chances! I love it!


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