August 10, 2010

Menu Monday

Oh wait.... it's Tuesday!
Seriously I had all the intentions of posting this yesterday but I am being pulled in so many directions lately that unfortunately this fell to the bottom of the list.  So even though I am posting this on Tuesday I am still calling it Menu Monday - because I can.

I used to be really good about creating a weekly menu and grocery list.  It has been almost a year since I have created a menu and a plan so I wanted to start it up again.  I need a plan so I don't keep going to the fridge at 4:00 and trying to figure out what I am going to cook for dinner. It is frustrating and makes me feel like a failure. I don't like feeling like a failure.

I will be posting my Menu/Meal plan for you on Mondays.  I think it will help hold me accountable to actually doing a menu because I know I want to share it with you guys.

Each week I will probably use some staple recipes that I use often, interspersed with some new ones I am going to try.  After I make the new ones I will be chronically whether I liked them or not and why or why not. It should be fun! I will include as many pictures as I can. 

So to start I will share with you my menu for the next two weeks.  Now I will have you know that I am already off one day because yesterday was nutty but it's OK - I have learned to be flexible.

Menu for the next two weeks:
Monday (Crockpot) Baked Potato Cheese Soup with crusty bread (I missed this so I will work it into the rotation on another day)
Tuesday Tacos in Pasta Shells
Wednesday New Orleans Sausage and Rice
Thursday Dinner plans - no cooking
Friday Potstickers and stir fry veggies
Saturday Out of town
Sunday Out of town
Monday Chicken and Biscuits
Tuesday Lentil Stew over couscous
Wednesday (Crockpot) White Bean Chili
Thursday Dinner plans - no cooking
Friday Fiesta Beef Enchilada

I realize some of these recipes are more "fall" style recipes but when I am making my menu I usually put on the list what sounds good at the time regardless of the weather.  I also have four hungry boys to feed so it is important to have something pretty hearty and a large quantity.  I also always need leftovers in my meals because it is what Steve takes to work for lunch.

So here we go!  Join me on my Menu Monday adventure.  Maybe you'll find some new recipes here and get inspired to make your own menu and meal plan.

** I will post for you what we eat for brekafast and lunch in a future post. I don't usually follow recipes for (weekday) breakfasts and lunches because we are on the run and we generally rotate some old favorites.**


  1. Good job, Jenn! I'm ALL about a menu a week otherwise we do a really bad job and eat out. We're so over eating out at the moment, too! I'm excited to see what your family is eating, maybe we can share a few best recipes and expand our menus? I'll try to post my Menu Monday- I tried before and utterly failed, but lie is full of second chances, right??

    Enjoy your weekend away!

  2. Yay! What a great idea posting your menu planning on your blog for accountability...I'm not that brave. Most of the time, my menu plan gets switched around and meals get pushed back. Such is life! ;) Can't wait to grab some ideas and recipes!


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