June 17, 2010

Last thirteen days

  1. Went to the beach
  2. Corbin got sick
  3. Corbins last night of Awana
  4. Learned canning
  5. Hubby traveled a week for work in Alabama
  6. Went to Disneyland for three days
  7. Had dinner at Knotts Berry Farm - Chicken Dinner restuarant
  8. Precious Cousin graduated High School and we traveled to see her and celebrate for the weekend
  9. Corbin had his Awana awards ceremony and is now a Spark
  10. Got sick for four days and I am still recovering
  11. And much much more.....
Been busy and have missed blogging and paying attention to my pictures and facebook.  I will be posting some stories and pictures of our adventures soon.  Probably after this weekend being that is is jam packed with a fun day with friends, date night, Father's Day stuff and Cody's Dedication!

Have a wonderful Friday and weekend and I will meet you here next week

1 comment:

  1. Ahhh Cute pictures of Corbin. Congratulations to you for your dedication to his education. I loved the picture of the shoes when you went bowling. Just wanted you to know I read your blog and it is great!
    Love Mom


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