June 21, 2010


One of the things we did last weekend was go bowling.We have been wanting to do this as a family for a while now and it kept getting cancelled for one reason or another.  I know why now.  When it finally happened we were able to invite our good friends, the Lin family to go with us. It made it all the more fun.

It had been so long since I bowled and the ball I picked first was too heavy and the thumb hole was tweaked.  I threw it and my thumb almost stayed inside the ball and went down the lanes to the pins!  Ouch!

I must say, the shoes have improved since my bowling league days.  They aren't so gross and dingy looking.

Corbin did his best to lug the 6 pound ball up and fling it onto the lane.

Handsome guys in my life!

I will spare you the shot of me.  It is so attractive.  Shot from behind, in motion swinging the ball.  I'll save that for the family scrapbook.

Aside from the $18 an hour fee for the lane + shoe costs we had a very nice time spending Saturday together with good friends.

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  1. We had an awesome time too! Gotta do that again!


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