June 24, 2010


We just finished our school year this week and one of the things Corbin completed was his Kindergarten level reading program.

I chose to use Hooked on Phonics this year.  While I would prefer that our curriculum be rooted in God's word, and I intend to go with one that is in the future, this worked for our needs this year. HOP is fun because they give incentives and a chart to mark your accomplishments.

They also include fun games to play as well as audio that he can follow. By the end he had read 14 Kindergarten level books to me, his Daddy and Grandparents.

I felt the curriculum was well rounded and am so excited that his world is beginning to open up through reading.  He has come away being able to read at a basic level.  I even took him to the library the other day and he was able to read a short beginning level reader to me. I am so proud of him and his commitment and dedication this year.  He worked hard and also had a good time.  I enjoy teaching him so much.  I consider it a privilege that I get to teach him everyday. 

To celebrate his completion Steve and I took him to get an Ice Cream Sunday at Cold Stone.  He is a very incentive driven little one. Steve and I enjoyed the reward of his accomplishment too.  It was yummy!

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