January 30, 2013

Our Little Entrepreneur

Corbin has been wanting to make some money for many months now and aside from extra jobs around the house or outside in spring and summer he doesn't have a lot of ways to make money.  We don't pay him for his regular chores.  So he decided to start a business.  A Hot Cocoa business!

He created the signs and the cardboard box stand.  Him and I also went and bought the supplies with a loan he took out from the bank of Mom and Dad.  We made it all legal so he had to sign the loan document and agree to repay us with his profits from his business.

We calculated together how much it cost him per cup to serve the hot chocolate and then we came up with a fair price to sell it for.  He decided he wanted to charge a little bit more for cups with marshmallows.  It was all such a great learning experience for him.

We did this back in December to get ready to start his business but because so many things have happened in our family (mainly with health) we weren't able to get to setting up the stand until today.  I shouldn't say "we" because really Steve (who was in a lot of pain today) helped him set up and sell it on the corner of one of our streets. I just couldn't do it today.  I wanted so badly to go though.

While he was out I prayed for him that God would bring him customers.  I didn't want him coming back discouraged especially on his first try.  He decided he wanted to go out at 4:00 because that's when kids are coming home from school and parents are coming home from work.  Smart boy!

After a bit more than an hour he came home saying, "Mom, we ran out of hot water and I made so much money!" It was music to my ears.  I was so proud of him and happy for answered prayers.  He had a huge smile on his face.  He sold 8 cups of hot chocolate, paid back his loan and still made a profit.  He can't wait to open his stand again. He absolutely loved it. This is my kind of homeschool!  Remember "Life is School."

I am so proud of him.



  1. I love this!! Way to go Corbin! Reminds me of the lemonade stands near the golf course I did when I was little. How fun! Wish we lived closer to get some of his hot chocolate - heidi

  2. I spoke with Steve and Corbin just before they went out to set up the stand. I also prayed that he would not be disappointed. God is so good!


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