April 24, 2012

Root Vue

I have to tell you about a really neat gift Corbin received for Christmas from my parents in 2011. It is called Root Vue.  I am always partial to gifts that are educational as well as gifts that make you think (like wooden blocks and legos and such.)  So many toys these days just go unused after one day because the toy does everything for you. Plastic boringness (is that even a word?)  Anyway, that is another post for another day...

Root Vue is fantastic in that it is educational, hands on and lasts for a long time.  It can also be reused for other kids as they get older.  It is a complete kit with a planter that has a "root viewing" window, dirt, seeds, plant markers and water wicks.  Basically all you do is follow the directions on how to put it together which is very simple and then wait for the plants to grow.  My 6 year old put it together with supervision (I didn't want dirt all over my house) and then we set it in the window for it to get sunlight and grow.

This toy even won "Best Toy Award."

I love that they included radishes as one of the seed packets.  This is perfect for kids because radishes are one of the fastest growing veggies.  The kiddos don't have to wait to long to see results.

(Sorry, another day of no combing hair!)

After Corbin assembled the Styrofoam planter he added the dirt and began planting the seeds.

He labeled the plant markers so we didn't forget what we planted where.
After planting we waited literally only a couple of days to start seeing roots. It was fun because we saw roots before we saw plants. So far (as I type this post) the radish roots are the deepest. The onions sprouted second and the carrots last. I can't wait until we see the actual veggies in the viewing window. Corbin checks it everyday and has been fascinated with their progress.

This little clear window also has a slide in cover that you use when your not viewing the roots. That way the roots can have the darkness they need to grow.

This picture was taken about a week and a half after we planted.

You can see the radishes are all over the place and you can see their roots in the soil. To the right a little onion has sprouted too! Corbin announces their progress to us every morning.

As a homeschooler I really like this toy too. You could do a mini unit on gardening and roots. You could even weave the Bible into it by talking about how we need to be "firmly planted" using verses like these: Colossians 2:7, Jeremiah 17:8 or Psalm 1:3. Research these veggies specifically and the characteristics that God gave them in order to grow properly, etc. How about carrot coloring sheets or labeling the parts of a radish? The possibilities are endless.

I highly recommend this "toy." There is no sponsorship here or I don't get anything from the company for posting this, I just like the toy and wanted to share it with you. Happy Spring!


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  1. I've admired this one at the educational store (and I get really good coupons). I appreciate your ideas in the 2nd to last paragraph. It encourages me to take my kids' gardening with my parents, to the next level, and do it at home with me. I miss you. love you friend, ~g


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