May 7, 2011

It's getting better

I am adapting.  To the gluten free lifestyle that is.

I am also feeling better.

I don't think I am in mourning anymore.  The only time I feel bad about it is when I think of things like going to the county fair and not being able to enjoy my warm cinnamon roll immediately upon entering the gate or the hot, fresh cinnamon and sugar mini donuts hot out of the fryer.  Or when I think about traveling now, I really think that is going to be a complete bear.  I will cross that bridge when it comes though.

I have purchased two books and read one fully and half of the other one so far. They are: Gluten Free Girl by Shauna Ahern and Ratio by Michael Ruhlman. I have read all of Gluten Free Girl.  It was encouraging to read her journey and appetizing to read her descriptions of food she loves and has tasted.  I was caught off guard by the few cuss words and we don't see eye to eye on some things but she is a very good writer and for a newly GF person it was a good read.  She also has some nice recipes in her book I intend to use. Also she inspired me even more to buy good food, not junk food.  To buy local, in season and high quality is important and very much noticed in taste.

I have read part of Ratio and bought a kitchen scale.  This will help because gluten free flours are VERY different than regular all purpose flour.  A scale will help in weighing out many different flours for one recipe.  I have noticed many GF recipes using weight rather than volume measurements. I have used the scale once to make GF bread and it was an utter failure!  Apparently I should not try and tackle baking GF bread first among baking, it is the hardest.  It will come in time.

I continue to research and come across great websites and blogs about being gluten free and there are a plethora of recipes out there.  Eating out is still not nearly as fun as it used to be but I have found a few restaurants that don't make me feel like an afterthought.  They actually have more than one thing on their menu that is gluten free. (That being said I don't expect people to cater to lil' ole' me and my dietary needs. It is just nice to have options.)

I mentioned above I am feeling better.  It has been six weeks since knocking gluten out of my diet. I used to have terrible burning, itchiness and dryness especially on my face.  That has subsided in a big way.  I used to have a lot of joint pain and achiness in my limbs.  That has gotten better.  Not gone but better.  I used to be really hormonal - big peaks and valleys and now I am more even.  These are the big things I notice.  I attribute this partly to the GF lifestyle as well as a bunch of new supplements that I am taking.  The fact that it is helping encourages me to keep it going.

Things I intend to do:

  • Join a CSA (click on the link to find out what it is if you don't know.) I have been wanting to do this for many reasons like supporting local farmers, buying in season, organic produce and l want to learn to cook with new fruits and veggies than I wouldn't normally choose. After reading Gluten Free Girl I am even more inspired join. I truly believe that we need to make a stand and start demanding pesticide free, nutrient filled products. By supporting local farming and not supporting mass markets more and more we can make a difference - my opinion - and a huge topic for another post someday.
  • Get back to menu planning so I can stop dreading the dinner hour and last minute thoughts of what to make.
  • Track down some flours that I see used in a lot of people's recipes so I can start baking some things. I missed baked goods.  Every once in a while it's nice to have a homemade muffin or waffle - you know?
  • Make these brownies.  Gluten Free Goddess is one of the most informative blogs I have found and she has SO many yummy looking recipes.  It got me all excited! You can see I added her to my Charming Inspirations section on the right side of my blog.
This is a small update for now.  Next gluten free post I will try to post my recipe of Hot and Hearty Bean and rice soup that is totally gluten free and healthy as well as some menu ideas for gluten free dinners.


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