April 20, 2011

Tidbits in April

  1. I think Wednesday is my new favorite day of the week.  Lately it is a day where I feel the best mentally and physically.  Don't know why though.
  2. I have an eyelash growing down and even when I put mascara on it still goes down and gets in the way.  It's annoying.
  3. I made my first gluten free bread with Corbin the other day.  I am storing it under my pillow in case an intruder enters our home and then I can use it as a weapon. Bleck...
  4. We watched The Passion of the Christ last night.  It had been 7 years since I had seen it and it really changed my perspective and focus. It humbled me. What Jesus endured for us cannot even be put into words.
  5. We are in the thick of Easter week around here doing old traditions and creating new ones.  I have been using Thriving Family magazine (one of my favorites) for some really good ideas.

Here are some of our old Easter traditions and soon to become new traditions: 

We made palm branches and then re-enacted Palm Sunday with the boys and Read John 12:12-13 - they loved it.

We discussed the meaning of the word "Hosanna."

We baked the afore mentioned bread and were supposed to give it to a family in need along with some Easter goodies. Yea - didn't give that one away.  We talked about Jesus being the bread of life.

We talked about the significance of Passover and may implement some new traditions with this next year.

We died Easter egg's last night and talked about where the tradition of the Easter egg came from.

I sent Corbin on Easter scavenger hunt today to find various items around the house that represented Easter (tomb, sin, cross....etc.)

We will be making our He's Alive Buns tomorrow (sadly I will not be able to partake, it's probably better not to grow my muffin top anyway!)

We will be doing our normal Maundy Thursday foot washing tomorrow evening as a family.  We will read John 13:1-17.

We will be purchasing a red carnation and adding red food coloring to the water.  We will talk about how Jesus was a lamb without blemish or defect and then took on the sins of the world.  Over the days we will see the carnation turn red.

We have been using our resurrection eggs every night after dinner along with reading Benjamin's Box: The Story of the Resurrection eggs.

We will be attending church on Good Friday and taking communion. I want to do something more on this day to help Corbin really understand it but I am not sure what yet.

We will also be going to church on Sunday and worshipping Jesus for his death and resurrection.  The same day we will have a mega Easter egg hunt here with an early dinner. We will be reading Matthew 27-28.

I really enjoy celebrating and reflecting at Easter time. It is the basis of my faith and without it I would be lost. 

He is risen - He is risen indeed!


  1. Wow Jenn! I wonder if your kids will understand what Easter is all about. You sure set the bar high.
    -Michelle B.

  2. hey Jenn: Love this post! LOL for the picture of Cody last year's feet washing. looking forward to this year's pictures! gina

  3. He is risen indeed. You are such blessing to your family. Cody and Corbin are so blessed to have a mother who teaches them about Jesus. As Michelle says, "You sure do set the bar high.
    Love Mom


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