December 19, 2010


Wow, where has the time gone?  I had big plans for blogging this month.  I had big plans for the Christmas season and for the kids and all the fun Christmas things to do.  But..... those were MY plans.  God didn't have the same plans as I did. He allowed my family to get terribly sick for three weeks.  Progressively getting worse and worse until just a few days ago it got better.  We still have a few people suffering here but just in a minor way. 

First our sickness started with head colds.  I almost got that but with a lot of vitamin C, Teavana Rooibos tea, and abstaining from sugar I did not get it.  My parents and Corbin got that.  Then my husband brought the stomach flu home.  It was such a wonderful gift!  Oh man, it struck our whole family is succession.  Obviously I wont go into details here but it was the WORST stomach flu I have ever had in my entire life.  My poor little Cody ended up in the emergency room trying to get an IV.  He got poked 4 times and the nurses couldn't find his veins, because he was so dehydrated.  I think some of it was skill related as well.  My poor little guy, it was torture.  I felt so bad for him.  He has finally been able to keep food down for three days now.  Corbin was a trooper but it lasted until about 4 days ago for him.  It has been a very tough month but among all that has happened there are still many things to be thankful for.

Here are some of them:
  • That our Lord and Savior was born 2000 years ago and we get to celebrate His birth at Christmas.
  • We are getting healthier.
  • God is at work in our lives - teaching me flexibility, giving us a victory in our marriage, teaching Corbin flexibility as well, planning and orchestrating every event that we experience, etc...I could go on and on.
  • That we have a warm house, heat, hot water, food, and goodies to be made.
  • The beautiful Christmas tree lit with twinkling lights that I get to sit and enjoy each night with a hot cup of tea. 
  • That every time I open Gods word (The Bible) I read something that inspires me, ignites me, and/or challenges me.
  • That we got to get out and go see a spectacular living nativity.
  • For family.
  • For friends.
  • For health care providers and various medicines and technology.
The list could get longer and longer. 

This past two years God has worked in a big way in my life in teaching me flexibility.  I wish I could be a faster learner when it comes to this character quality because then it would not have taken two years but I am grateful that He wants to teach me.  You see, my world used to crash when something didn't go right or something didn't happen that I had planned but now, through all the teaching, I am able to roll with the punches much more than ever.  What is comes down to for me is that I trust that God is sovereign.  If something didn't happen it is because He didn't want it to.  If something didn't go my way, I am thankful because my way usually messes things up - He is in control, not me.  Yay!  You see that verse in the side bar of this blog?  The one that is "My life verse," this is a verse I hold on to because my way is not the best.  My plans are not the best.  My ideas are not always right.  More importantly, my feeling are not always right.  God's ways are way bigger and better than I could ever imagine.  Praise Him!

While it is hard to actually say that I am "thankful" for the sickness, I am thankful so stronger immunities, some down time during the busiest time of year, restored health and for God's perfect timing.  I am grateful that all of it is not happening this week.  Now we can enjoy Christmas week hopefully with restored health.

I hope to post a few goodies this week on the blog like homemade mounds bars, lemon bars, and muddy buddies.  Lord willing!

I pray you are having a Christ centered Christmas season!

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  1. Ok now that I have a computer, Im able to log on your blog and catch up. Sorry you are battling sickness, I know it well right now as well. Hope everyone is better now. Love the family pic around the tree, so cute. - Heidi


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