October 19, 2010

Part Two

We knew it was coming.  We figured it was inevitable.  We waited and waited and sure enough,

He got them.  The Pox that is---

Hopefully this doesn't gross you out!  I am sorry if it does.

He is a trooper.  He was pretty fearful to get them and cried a little bit but we had a long talk about courage.  It is one of the character qualities we are learning about in our school.  I told him that he can find his courage through the Lord and asking for the Lord's strength to get through this.  I also told him he had nothing to fear because fear is not of God.  God does not want us to fear.  It really comforted him and he took it to heart.  After our talk I let him wear the badge of courage for the day and he was thrilled about that.  I made up a bunch of different badges with character qualities on them for him to wear when I see him demonstrating one of the qualities we have been learning about in school.  He feels very important when he gets to wear one of these so he was a happy boy that day.  I am sorry I don't have a picture of it! 

Corbin has chicken pox worse than Cody did but it is just because he is bigger.  He is still functioning normal though and they really are not a big deal.  We just keep putting that calamine lotion on!

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