September 7, 2010

Menu "Monday"

I did it again!  I didn't post my menu on Monday.  I kept thinking yesterday was Sunday!  So sorry.

Well here it is for one week this time.  I have not had time to do a two week one
This week is a bit "off" because some activities are starting and it is my birthday!  Yay! 

Monday - we had a nice early birthday celebration at my in-laws with homemade hamburgers and coleslaw with a cupcake cake.  Yummy!

Tuesday - Remember that Rotisserie chicken my dad made?  Well we used the leftovers to make chicken fajita tacos with all the fixing's.  They turned out wonderful because the chicken was so tender.

Wednesday - Tostadas

Thursday - Out to dinner with my parents for a birthday celebration.  We are going to a Japanese steakhouse.  It has become a tradition. 

Friday - Off to one of my favorite cities with my boys - San Clemente.  One of the main reasons we go up there is for an out of this world Italian food restaurant named Sonny's.  They have the best gnocchi and garlic bread I have ever had.

Saturday - San Clemente (probably eating at one of my favorite Crepe places)

Sunday - San Clemente

So needless to say I am probably going to be tipping the scales when I start next week but it will all be worth it! Is there a problem with living to eat?

Remember Goliath?
He ended up making four loaves of Zucchini Bread and also getting cut up for the Grilled Chicken kabobs last week.  Wow!  I will say thought that the bigger a zucchini gets the more it starts to to resemble a pumpkin.  The skin is very tough (you can't use it) and there are a lot of seeds.  Even with that being said it still help make a lot of yummy dishes.

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  1. oh my word! Happy Birthday, Jenn! Enjoy your weekend celebration, cutie :) I didn't get a chance to make a menu this week since we were here for like three days. I'm going to have to finagle a way to get to Sonny's one of these trips ;)


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