July 22, 2010

Random thoughts for Thursday

  • In two days I will have a five year old
  • Can't wait to go get our free ice cream birthday scoop at Baskin Robbins tonight
  • Had a great playdate today with a good friend and her adorable children
  • I have to get new glasses
  • I have a wisdom tooth coming in - crazy! 
  • Steve and I love going out to eat
  • Our favorite food - Mexican
  • It shows that we like to go out when every corner we turn Corbin knows the name of the coffee shop or restaurant.  Is that a good thing?
  • Can't wait to see my extended family this weekend
  • My headache is finally gone from my kinked neck
  • Poor Corbin - I made the 2010 calendar for our families and I put his birthday in the wrong month.  What a horrible mom!
  • Cody is sleeping 4 hours at a time. Dare I jinx myself by saying this?
  • I have been to Africa twice - one mission trip and one for college credit and missions
  • Someday I would love to take my family on a mission trip to Africa.  It would change their lives. It changed mine.
  • Finally finished my 2009 family photo album.
  • I have about 10 more on my "to do" list. Baby steps - you have to start somewhere
  • Looking forward to making breakfast burritos on Sunday
Can I be anymore random than this?  Probably!

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