May 4, 2010

Empty Me

Life has been a bit heavy lately.  There are wonderful moments of joy but overall right now it is a time of being still, waiting, growing and dying to myself.  God is purifying me.  This will be a lifelong process but the rewards and blessings will be from above.  I am grateful. 

God is telling me "Be still and know that I am God" Psalm 46:10

While doing my bible study yesterday the song "Empty Me" came into my head.  It has been whirling around in there ever since.  It is one of my favorite songs.  Click on the link below in the song lyrics and hear it sung by one of my favorite musical artists: Jeremy Camp

God has given me a love for music and there have been SO many times in my life that music has comforted me and given me great Joy.  Worship music is so wonderful because, for me, it is an easy way of remembering scripture, by singing it.  

Holy Fire
Burn Away
My Desire
For anything that is not of You
But is of me
I want more of You
and less of me

Empty me
Empty me
Fill me
With You
With You

Have a blessed and filled up day!

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