April 29, 2010

The New Children's Museum

Recently Steve and I took the boys downtown to The New Children's Museum.  I have been wanting to do this for about 8 months and it finally worked in our schedule!  We were trying to go on one of their free sundays. One of my favorite things to do is to spend the day with my family doing something new and different. This museum is a fun place to visit because it changes often.  Each time you go a new artist has a different exhibit which means new "hands-on" things to do for the kiddos. I also love this place because it is downtown and that is where there are SO many good restaurants. Trying a new restaurant and new food brings me such JOY.  That is one of the things I love about Steve is he is always game to try a new place and new tastes. We have a lot of fun together. Since I used to work downtown at a design studio I know a good amount of the restaurants down there. Makes it kind of hard to choose but exciting at the same time.  Yummy!
Anyway.... I could talk about food for this whole post.  Back to the family.

We wanted to get there right when it opened because we heard that it can get quite crowded.  Steve and me with crowds dont mix.  It is NO fun!  We managed to arrive on time and have a very enjoyable day.

Here are some pictures from our time:

Corbin was so excited to ride these chariots. After he got the hang of it he did it by himself.  He felt so independent.

 This was a cool wooden sculpture that was two stories high.

One of Corbins favorite things to do is go on "jumpy jumps" or bounce houses.  This one was interesting because of all the colors and that it was a tube.  He ended up going on this twice.  It was also a blessing because we did not have to wait in long lines because we got there early.  As the day went on though it got more and more crowded.

So Steve and I are standing in line with Corbin for the bounce house and Steve looks down and he says to me "Why did you let Corbin wear his nicer shoes?"  I know I didn't "let" him wear his nicer shoes so I looked down at Corbin's feet and said "I didn't."  It was so funny because when Steve looked down all he saw was the nicer brown shoe and when I looked down all I saw was the light up transoformer one.  Then at the same time it dawned on both of us that Corbin was wearing two different shoes!  How embarassing!  Agggh!  Corbin thought it was the funniest thing ever that he was able to get out of the house with two different shoes on.  Steve and I were both concentrating on getting out of the house and to the museum on time. We never one looked at Corbin's shoes.  That'll teach us!

Hope he doesn't bite his tongue off one day.

They had certain times throughout the day that they had workshops going on.  Some were crafty and some were educational.  There was also one with percussion instruments.  Corbin chose to do the workshop where he got to make a mask.  It was pretty creative. Him and Steve did a nice job. Corbin's so serious in the photo.

This is not the finished mask but it looked pretty good even halfway through.

Gotta get a picture of Cody and I in here too!  Cody was a gem the whole day.  He is such a pleasant baby and just goes with the flow.  What a blessing!

There was a bubble station outside on the balcony where the kids could make gigantic bubbles.  It was tough to do because the bubbles were so foamy.  Corbin still managed to make a few whoppers.  The look on his face cracks me up.  It is like he is saying "Don't you dare get bubbles in my face, you better watch out."  Some kids were flinging bubbles all around and some got in a little girls face.  Poor girl!

After the bubble station and masks we were famished.  If you have your receipt saying you visited the museum you can get a discount at various places around there.  We were going to go to one of two places.  Cafe 222 or The Cheese Shop.  We walked by Cafe 222 and the wait was over an hour.  They have the best breakfast that sounded so good but it wasn't meant to be.  So on we walked to the Cheese Shop.  This was a sandwich place I frequented a lot when I worked downtown.  They have THE best sandwiches and have won many awards.

The Cheese Shop won out.  We had  a wonderful meal and it brought back a lot of memories for me.  Steve had the roast pork loin sandwich and I had the turkey jack and avocado sandwich on a hoagie.  Now this sounds pretty normal - ho-hum.  But seriously if you are ever in town try this place and these sandwiches.  They are THE best. Sorry no pictures.  We inhaled the yumminess.

After lunch, we walked back to the museum, which was now getting pretty crowded (and germy for me the germophobe.  Actually Steve has become quite the germophobe too)  We only did a few more things and then left.

They had a huge house to play in.  Corbin had fun in it.

Corbin managed to climb the rope.

This is the first time Corbin had done a climbing wall.  He wasn't too sure of it.

I am excited to go to this museum more often with my family.  We had such a blessed day all together and I praise God for creative minds, a loving family and yummy food!

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  1. this post is motivating me to go! my girlfriend and i go with kids in tow, to a museum (free!) every couple months, and this has been on our list for about a year. A plus is that my sis lives one block from there! no more excuses!!


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