April 6, 2010

Easter Joy

He is Risen! He has Risen indeed.

I have to tell you that while I was trying to post this I put my littlest love in the swing because I thought he was tired.  Instead of laying back and closing his eyes he sat right up and looked at me and said "oohh.." and then smiled.  Then he looked around for a while.  I got back to posting and then next thing I look up and he has a hold of swing stand on the side and is pulling himself towards it.  The swing is stopped because the strong little guy is holding the side. The swing started making noise and then the music got all crazy!  He almost broke the thing.  Needless to say I just took him out. Apparantly he was not tired.  Bad call mommy.

So back to the Easter festivities....
We did our usual traditions this year, Maundy Thursday - washing of feet (I may post about that later), cooking and eating Easter Goodies, dying Easter eggs, church service (not the sunrise this year though), a Feast of Joy with family and an Easter egg hunt complete with an Easter basket for the big boy.  It was all a lot of fun.  I think Easter is one of my favorite holidays!

My Masterpiece!  Corbin wanted this kit this year that had sand (scary), beads, glitter glue, egg wraps and other stuff.  He had a great time with it and obviously so did I.

Steve always gets in on the Easter Egg dying too.  He is such a good Daddy. 

Easter Sunday we did our own little tiny hunt at our house and then Corbin got his basket from us.  I filled Corbin's eggs with coins because seriously the amount of candy that boy has is outrageous.  I find myself constantly saying "No, No, No, No."

I did get him Peeps this year.  He has never had them. Do I like peeps?  No, not at all. Chocolate covered peeps, now that sounds a bit more appealing.  Maybe he will like them though.

My Mom and Dad on Easter Sunday

"Nani" and Papa Dave with the boys

Here we are at my Mother and Father in Law's house before the hunt.

My Mother in law made a wonderful feast with Spiral Ham and pineapple, beef short ribs, asparagus, green peas and Paula Deens Creamy Hash Brown Casserole.  I brought some thyme and cheese biscuits and Pioneer Woman's Creamy Lemon Crumb Squares Food is pure Joy to me!

I don't know what Corbin is going to do when he has competition next year! It may be a rude awakening.

There he is, loot in tow.

 Family traditions bring me joy and I would love to hear what you do to make your holiday special. 

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  1. ha ha! about the coins in the eggs in the basket. i totally "get it". My boys knew that there'd be candy at grandma's. So about a month ago, they pointed out "cinna bunny" cereal while at the grocers, and how cool that would be to have in their eggs. Our morning "at home" egg-hunt eggs had cereal, banana chips, and toffee peanuts. I got a big smile when I read that part of your blog post!


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