January 31, 2014


This is my journal. I just finished filling up all the pages a few weeks ago! It encompasses and records 15 years of my life. I write really small! It has been so amazing to go back and read the initial entries and compare myself to the person I am now.

One of the things that I mentioned at the end of the year in my reflections post was how therapeutic journaling has been to me. I was talking about my thankfulness journal which is not the one above. I keep a different one for that and I wholeheartedly suggest writing down things you are thankful each day. It is perspective changer.

This full and worn journal is a record of my thoughts, feelings, valleys, triumphs. In the latter part it is a lot more of how I was growing in the Lord or how God has ministered to me or convicted me. It is about his GRACE.

I haven't been a life long journaler but occasionally wrote down my thoughts and feelings until the last year. Within the last year I became a daily journaler. Well almost, I missed some days here and there.

Keeping a journal has been wonderful for those times where my tongue wanted to get the best of me. Instead I brought my issue to the Lord and then just started writing. It helped so much because by the time I was done, most of the time, I didn't feel like I had to hold my tongue anymore.

Keeping a journal has helped me to remember the verses God gives to me for particular situation or for certain circumstances. I love looking back at those especially because sometimes they fill in a piece to the puzzle for me in hindsight.

Journaling gives me a feeling of freedom. I am free because I am a believer in Christ but that doesn't mean I can share my every thought or frustration. This is a place I can write and pour out my heart.

Keeping a journal has been extremely helpful during my health journey. Putting pen to paper and talking about my symptoms and fears and then looking back at them a year later (or six or seven) has allowed me to see God's redemption and restoration. He is faithful.

It was literally like closing a book on my life when I finished this journal. It was my favorite because it had handmade pages with little imperfections on each one. The cover was hand dyed and handmade paper. Have I told you I LOVE paper? Maybe not, but I really love paper. This paper gave me warm fuzzies.

Now that I have finished recording bits and pieces of the past 15 years of my life I started a new journal. The awesome thing is that I feel like I am also literally started a new book in my life too. Great things are happening, my trust and faith in the Lord is deeper than it ever has been (trials and valleys can do that), and it feels like a new season to start writing about.

The picture below if of the cover of the journal that I chose for this next season of life. It won't be able to fit 15 years, especially since I am journaling more now, but I can't wait to be filled with JOY in seeing God's faithfulness in my life through my writing reflections.

I have to wake up at the crack of dawn to have my sweet time in my Bible and writing down my reflections but it is well worth it. Quiet time, that is uninterrupted is a priceless way to start my day. I have never been a morning person either but I look forward to this part of my day so much that it doesn't matter to me about waking up early anymore.

If you don't already, why not take a few minutes out of your day to write down your thoughts or ways God is working on you? You could even record victories and triumphs. Really anything works. It is just a still and calm time in these days that can feel so chaotic and stressful.


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