March 11, 2013

How to peel and prep a butternut squash

I have really started loving all kinds of squash this winter.  It used to be that the only squash in my vocabulary was zucchini and yellow squash with the occasional spaghetti squash.  I didn't buy spaghetti squash that often because it was very expensive.  A little tip:  It really isn't that expensive when you buy it in season! I tried a butternut squash a long time ago and it was such a bear to peel and finally get to the point I could eat it that I said, "Never again." I almost cut my finger off trying to get that darn thick peel off!

Well fast forward a few years in my life and my health journey and I find myself incorporating a vast number of new veggies into my diet.  I decided to try butternut squash again.  It has turned out to be one of my favorite foods and has been a good replacement for sweet potatoes for me right now.  I can't have sweet potatoes (or regular potatoes for that matter) because they are too starchy.  So butternut squash, spaghetti squash, acorn squash (SO good), zucchini and yellow squash are what I have been eating in moderation for some good vitamins and minerals.  Don't get me wrong, I eat a TON of other veggies but this post is about squash.

First thing is first.  You have to have the proper tool for peeling a butternut squash.  A knife (at least in my hands) wont cut it -literally. I use the Swissmar Peelers.  They are superior and stay sharp and don't rust.  I LOVE them!

This peeler is one of the best kitchen tools I own. It is the red one in the picture. It has two sister peelers that julienne cut and peel fruits and veggies as well. I literally use these peelers everyday in my prep for my meals.  This red one one is the one you use for peeling really thick peel like the peelings on a butternut squash. It is amazing how easy it is.

Here is the step by step process of peeling and prepping a butternut squash:

  • First rinse and dry the squash.
  • Start at one end and run the peeler along the side.  The outer thick skin will come right off.  Be careful because the peeler is sharp and if you slip and hit your hand you will cut yourself!. I have.
  • Do this until all the peel is off.  Don't worry about the very ends. You will see why next.

  • Cut of the top end and the bottom end with a sharp knife.
  • Cut the bulb end apart from the cylindrical end.

  • Cut the cylindrical portion in half.
  • Cut in 1/2" thick slices.
  • Cut each slice in 1/2" squares until the whole cylinder is cut up.

  • Now cut the bulbous piece in half with a sharp knife.
  • Scoop out the seeds with a spoon and throw them away. Or you could dry and plant them.
  • Cut the squash in 1/2" slices.
  • Cut slices into 1/2" strips (not pictured.)
  • Cut the strips in 1/2" squares (as best you can with the shape.)  Some of them aren't exactly square.

Here are the beautiful orange tasty morsels!

There are so many good things you can do with butternut squash.  It has a slight sweetness and pairs well with most meats.  I boil mine in veggie/meat soup.  I have enjoyed these roasted in the oven with a little coconut oil, salt and pepper. It also goes well with the spices sage and thyme.  I also like to saute these in butter, ghee or coconut oil along with some rainbow chard, kale or spinach.  It makes a great side dish or snack for that matter.  It does take a bit of time to prep but once it is done you can store it in your fridge and use as needed.  It will last for a couple days.


Join me for a few more "how to" posts in the upcoming months.  I will be posting on how to make ghee, how to make homemade raw milk yogurt, and how to make homemade sauerkraut.

Is there anything you can think of that you would like to know how to do in the  kitchen? Please send me your ideas and I may incorporate it into a blog post.



  1. of the squashes, acorn squash is my favorite :-) Thanks for this post, although, I've made butternut squash, I don't do it often because of the prep work. This post encourages me to go for it again. By the way, what brand or where do you get your peelers? is there a set? or a special name?

    1. Gret question! I thought I linked it in the blog post but somehow it didn't show. I re-linked it so now you can tell which peelers I use. For ease I will give you the link here too: Enjoy yuor squash!


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