February 12, 2013

Happy 92nd Birthday Grandma!

Today is my Grandma's 92nd birthday. She has lived such a full life and has had a profound positive influence on my life. We are blessed to live so close to her now.  I have always lived two hours away from her my whole life.  Now I live within 10 minutes of her. 

Today we went to visit her at her assisted living home and we walked in to hear a beautiful violin playing.  It was really neat.  It brought tears to my eyes.  This 15 year old girl was blessing all these elderly people with the sound of melodious music.  My favorite song that she played was "Come though Fount."  I think this song and moment will be in my mind forever.  My Grandma has had hospice come in to help take care of her and I know my days are short with her.  I love her so much and am SO blessed to be able to see her sweet face. I am so thankful I felt well enough to go visit her today too.  Another praise. Tomorrow (Lord Willing) our whole family is going to have lunch with her at her Grand Lodge to celebrate.

This picture was taken about 5 months ago.  I still look sick but not as sick as I do now so I will spare you a more recent picture.  This picture is about my Grandma anyway, not me. :-) Love her!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA from me and HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRAMMI - from the boys.  We love and cherish you! (How awesome that my boys have gotten to forge a sweet relationship with their Great Grandma. Thank you Lord.)


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