February 26, 2013

Creative Corbin

Corbin had asked me to sew some clothes for his stuffed animals (last year.) I am more than willing to do this but it keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the list.  (Insert guilty mom sigh.)  I hate that but life happens and it just hasn't made it up to the top of the priority chain.

My little sweetie is so creative (and patient) though.  Instead of nagging me to sew his clothes or teach him to he figured out a way to create his own.

Out of paper!

I love his ingenuity.  He literally made outfits for about 10 of his stuffed animals.  Pretending with his animals is one of his favorite things to do and now they have apparel!  I love the little hats and shoes.  He tapes them to the animals too and it works.  The first time I saw these I melted, one because of how creative he his and two because I felt terrible that I hadn't gotten to sewing the things he asked me to.

I love Corbin and this is just one way that he brightens my day - his creativity!


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