December 28, 2012

It finally happened!

My 7 year old lost his first tooth!  We thought they would never fall out.  It was hanging by a thread and giving me the heeby jeebies.  That sick to my stomach feeling.  I finally pulled it out and with quite a lot of drama from the 7 year old, it finally came out.  In the end he said, after wiping away tears and ceasing screaming, "Oh, I didn't even feel that!"  Wow!  He is so much like me. I remember being so freaked out by loosing teeth that I would literally see red. Screaming and crying always accompanied loose teeth for me. I hated the feeling.

Anyway, cheers to a big milestone for my oldest today...

yes, that is his adult tooth right behind it that has already come in.  He's just happy it fell out before our upcoming dentist appointment.  I am too!


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