October 1, 2012

Harvest Fun

I must blog today.  The past four days has been full and fun and now it is all winding down.  I am very ready for a day just at home tomorrow. Today was "one of those days." I need to go back to a peaceful place!  That is why I am going to tell you about our "first day of fall festivities!"  It was such a peaceful day.  We had so much fun and it truly felt like fall to me.

Here we go....

First we made fall breakfast cookies and I found the recipe here.
The boys were very excited about these and so was I!  They made the house smell spicy and warm. MMMM....

They were healthy too!  Organic raw coconut, raw local honey, gluten free oats, and raisins just to name a few of the ingredients.

The boys devoured these.

After breakfast we got down to our crafting.  I chose to have them make Craft -Stick Scarecrows from Little Family Fun
Here is Cody staring his scarecrow.

Corbin gluing on hair.

Cody and his finished scarecrow.

Agggh! Scary!

Corbin wanted to make a mean scarecrow.

AGGGH! Scary!  Cody and I were being silly.

After craft time I had an abundance of Roma tomatoes I had to deal with.  I have been reading an awesome cookbook: The Homeade Pantry - 101 items you can stop buying and start making by Alana Chernila.  She had a great idea for roasting tomatoes with garlic and Italian herbs and then freezing them.  You have a ready made base for your sauce for when you want savory marinara in the winter time!  I love the idea so that is what I did with our tomatoes.

Yummy! This is perfect because since I can't eat our tomatoes now I can still enjoy them later when they are allowed (after my ALCAT diet is done).

Once the tomatoes were roasted then I got back to work with the kids. 

Next we were making edible harvest spiders! I got the idea from Sprinkled with Flour. It was hard to abstain from these too but of course the kids enjoyed them.

Cody loved dipping his "spider legs" pretzels in chocolate.

Peanut butter on the Ritz crackers holding the "legs" on.

He always wants to make a silly face now.

Sweet Corbin.  He wanted more M & M's so he gave his spider compound eyes.  He said "Mom they really have that you know."

I can't stand spiders but I do love peanut butter and chocolate.  They each made more than one spider of course!

In heaven.  He enjoyed the taste of his spider with compound eyes......heheheheheh.

The rest of the day I spent doing a little last minute cleaning and some fall decorating.  My favorite!  We ended our day with a candlelit dinner of Beef Stew.  Hearty and full of fall!

I could actually eat this.  It was from my ALCAT diet. I personally like our family favorite crock pot version of stew better but I was certainly thankful to end the day with a hearty stew like this.

Happy Fall Friends!



  1. so fun! I hope to try a couple of those recipes :-) ~gina

  2. This makes me want to move up there.....we could come over for "first day of fall festivities" :) It's just not the same here. Also, thanks for setting up the email notification. I LOVE your updates. Miss you.

  3. Michelle, It would be so fun to have an annual "first day of fall fun" with all the kids. I would love that! fall is truly beautiful here. Glad you are loving the updates. Miss you my friend.


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