October 16, 2012

Fall play time

It is not often I get to go and play.  My days are usually full of blessings but play time is not always present.  Last week we had a free day that we still did "school" but in a different way.  We decided to have a nature day.  It was so fun because the boys got to get out and explore God's creation through discovery, hands on and some sketching.  I had a chance to play by using my new macro lens for my camera to capture the glorious fall colors of this year!

It was such a refreshing time that I am so grateful for.

Not all of these photos were taken with my macro, some were taken with my other lens but boy was this fall day spectacular.

Close up of a log.  It kind of looks like the surface of Mercury to me.

Looks like a dry and barren dessert but it is really a log! I love close-ups!

They brought their buckets to collect leaves and nature pieces for our nature shelf.  Cody spilled his several times but was very diligent to pick it all back up and put it in the bucket.

Hard to believe these beauties look like this so close up.  Amazing.

This is one of my favorite pictures.  The bees were swarming all over these flowers.  Their favorite color is purple so maybe that is why.

I don't know what these things are but they had a cool texture.

Look at this leaf.  It looks like leather to me.

After we took our nature walk we took our picnic lunch, blanket and our art supplies over the park.  We were among tall golden trees all shedding their leaves and the bright sunshine falling on our shoulders. Oh so decadent. So relaxing. So inspirational.

The boys went looking for acorns.

This is Cody concentrating on his sketching.  He always has to have his tongue out!

Corbin doing his bark rubbings on the tree.

Sketching and keeping a journal of the creation we see if such a wonderful experience.  I hope to instill this in my children so they never forget God's creativity.

OK... this is not nature but I thought it looked cool.  It is my shoe!

After eating and drawing we decided to walk a few steps and enjoy the river.

This was so much fun.  I highly recommend getting out with your children to explore nature and relax under the trees with a picnic lunch.  It is great to enjoy each others company and admire what God has made for us.

Psalm 34.8 O taste and see that the LORD is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.


  1. Such beautiful pictures! Love them all! The boys are getting so big, crazy how fast times goes! Big hugs! :)

  2. absolutely gorgeous!! josh loves to collect acorns too, and aidon helps him. very cute that both your boys do too! love to you, ~g


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