September 10, 2012

Late Summer Harvest

Our gardening season is slowly coming to an end. Sure we can plant some more for a fall harvest but I am not sure we will get around to that with homeschool, co-op, church, health issues and "life."  Maybe though.

It has been fun to see little tiny seeds grow into to overflowing green plants that give us food to eat.  The boys have helped me water, weed and harvest consistently.  Cody just loves going out to the peas to stand there and eat them directly out of there pods.  It is cute.  The peas on the table he says "yuck" but peas on the vine, "yummy!"  Cracks me up.  He also has taken a liking to strawberries.  He wouldn't touch a strawberry before the garden (because of the texture) but now he eats them out of the garden!

I thought I share with you the last of the garden pictures for the season.

Harvesting the carrots.... this got to be pretty funny, you will see why...

Hmmm..... our soil must have had issues. :-)

Three for the price of one!

This our corn.  We can't harvest this yet, it is not quite ready.  I cannot believe how tall it gets.  It got a lot taller than our Sunflowers.

We had a huge harvest that day! :-)

These bell peppers were interesting. Some of them started out a blackish purple and now they are turning green and red. I will probably be canning these into roasted peppers since I can't have these until next year because of my ALCAT regimen.

I have been using Kale in stir fry's and smoothies.  It is such an awesome superfood!
Our peaches are coming along nicely!  This is the most anticipated fruit for me.  I can actually eat it (in moderation) and it is my favorite fruit.  For such a baby tree it sure is giving us a lot of fruit this year.
We have been harvesting lettuce for a lot of the summer and it is at it's end now.  It was sure nice to have organic lettuce on hand whenever we needed it though.

Here is our bounty on one of the days we harvested. We are still waiting on our potatoes which are going to be ready soon.  They are "bubbling" over at the top of the soil.  Thank you Lord for blessing our garden this year.

The LORD will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail. Isaiah 58:11




  1. very fun and beautiful at the same time! ~gina

  2. That was great. Loved the pictures and especially the carrots!
    Love Mom


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