August 17, 2012

Summer 2012 Recap

Summer is coming to a close for us.  Even though summer isn't truly over until next month we start school next Monday so I count summer to be over.  This was our first summer in our new home in our new state.  We sure had a blessed time and I truly thank God for His amazing grace and all He has poured out upon us. 

Join me in looking back on some of the "Lazy (or not so lazy" days of Summer 2012)...
(Bear with me - I am a scrapbooker and can't just choose one picture from each event. Pictures are fun anyway!)

Finger Painting

Cherry Festival

The carnival part of it. My cousin John went on a ride with Corbin.

Cody picking a little ducky.

Cherry dark chocolate ice cream.  Read about it here.

Homemade smoothie popsicles

Pool time with friends

Fourth of July

I didn't make these look as good as the links on pinterest but they still tasted yummy!

Burning our last sparkler from our wedding 8 years ago!

Made edible playdough... it was yummy.

Slip N' Slide

Watering the garden everyday and enjoying the harvest from the fruits of our labor.

Green beans

Roma Tomatoes

Max loves to water with me every night.  He goes to every plant with me and follows me around.  He is so cute.

Going to the water park right by our house for the first time.  We had a blast!

We made our own Gummies.  We learned about seaweed and carageenan which is an ingredient gummies are made from. Actually you can find it in a lot of products - even salad dressing!

Running in the sprinklers

We went on our first real train ride through the mountains. It was beautiful!  We got to wave to all the rafters in the river along the way.

The boys had fun at our table in our train car.

We had Corbin's 7th birthday! Super Mario Themed was his request.

Lastly, we went on our first camping trip here. Actually it was our first camping trip in three years - since I was pregnant with Cody!  We went with our church to "Family Camp."

They had a family activity where the kids got a handful of whipped cream and a popsicle stick.  They got to smear it on their Dad's face and "shave" it off with the popsicle stick. Steve was a trooper for this one!

We had worship everyday by our worship leaders (it was awesome) and Steve got to lead our devotional one night on Initiative and taking our part as the Body of Christ. Our church also provided smores every night for the camp.  That was a huge hit!  We had a potluck dinner one night as well.  I can't wait for next year.  It was so much fun.

Fishing in the river one day during our camping trip.

This was Cody literally 5 minutes after we got into the car to head back home after our camping trip.  He was pooped!

We had an eventful summer.  It has been fun to look back on some of the fun things we did.  I have to say that I am looking forward to the return of the school year.  More structure and routine and hopefully a little less busy.  We will see?

Ecclesiastes 3:1 ~ To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven...

Thank you Lord for a great summer season!


  1. super fun and wonderful memories too!

  2. What a wonderful recap; your camping trip looked like a lot of fun! All of you look so healthy and happy; a great way to go into the school year! ;)


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