November 27, 2011


When I lay down at night I have a list of things running through my head that I think you just might be dying to know. I thought I would share them with you.  I bet you are so excited! 

~When we moved to our new home in another state I forgot to pack my pillow from my parents house. This is not any ordinary pillow.  This is the pillow that I forgot at the hotel at Disneyland and went back for it because I could not be without it.  It has a memory foam inside and a down outside and there is none other like it.  I had been without it for almost two months and was dying!  When I got it back I just let myself melt into it.  It was divine.  I am so happy to have it back.

~I went to a cooking class at our local gluten free market here.  I was not really impressed. It was OK.  I thought it was going to be a class where you have hands-ons cooking time and get great recipes.  It was more of a product sale.  A brand was represented and the people who created it cooked some things from their boxed mixes.  The food was OK.  It was something I wont be doing again.

~Since we have moved here I am amazed at what we have gotten done. Of course none of these things would have been done had if not for the Lord giving us His strength and guidance. In a mere 60 days we have moved in, unpacked almost everything, taken a trip to Salvation Army, found various pieces of furniture to fit our home and moved those in, winterized our yard, reconstructed the east side of our house so water runs away from our foundation, reconstructed this inside of our house (office and bathroom) due to water damage, had a new front fence built, started school, had house guests, gone on numerous outings, found a new church, had weekly church activities, celebrated harvest, celebrated Thanksgiving, been sick two times, met our neighbors, had movie nights and game nights, took driving tests, got new licenses and plates, built shelves in the garage and more and more.  Wow!  That makes my brain hurt. 

~I haven't taken a test in a long time, many, many years.  When I went to take my drivers test I was a bit nervous.  I studied and know that it can't be that much different here than it was where we lived before but I was still anxious.  I started my test and I miss THE FIRST ONE!  I about died thinking "oh no I am going to fail this."  "I am going to get laughed at!"  I started sweating and got really nervous.  In the end though I passed my test and that was the only one I missed. It sure did freak me out though.  I don't even know what question I missed now.

~I miss my friends and my homeschool group with all our outings.

~Tonight we are going to start our advent family devotions.  This is something I look forward to every year.  It really helps us to focus on Jesus and His story through this busy crazy season.

~Tomorrow night I am going to make jewelry for women at a local shelter for Christmas.  I am so excited.  There are so many opportunities at our new church to give back and to get our family involved in giving back.  This is an answer to prayer.

~I have been having some success cooking and baking Gluten Free. I don't feel as intimidated by it anymore, in fact, I feel like I can help other people who are just starting out.  I have educated myself enough to know what I am doing now.  The best part is that I can make a lot from scratch rather than buying the really expensive mixes. I made some really good pumpkin chocolate chip squares the other day!  One of my most favorite cookbooks for Gluten Free is this one

~Steve and I watched One Night with the King the other night and it was so good.  It was about Hadassah becoming Queen Esther in the Bible.  Since we watched that I have been studying the book of Esther. Her courage is remarkable and the story sure has some wonderful lessons in it.

~Speaking of courage, Steve and I along with my Aunt and Cousin went to see the movie Courageous.  Have you seen it?  Steve said it was the best movie he has ever seen.  I wholeheartedly agree.  It was a great story, thought provoking and convicting all in one.  Go see it if you haven't! Pretty Please?

That's it for now.  I am sure when I lay my head down tonight more "edge of your seat" tidbits will come to mind for the next post. Stay tuned....


  1. Wow! all that in just a few months. It was nice to read about everything going on. Love you, Mom

  2. you are funny ;-) I like your opening paragraph there. It really seems like all the puzzle pieces fit together as the Lord has brought you to your new home and new state. You are right though, you are still missed. What is wonderful is that all those things you do there, have opportunities for fellowship, and new relationship. God's blessings to you today! ~g

  3. I WAS excited to read your tidbits! ;) I'm amazed at all that has happened is such a short amount of time; God is indeed good! I also loved One Night With The King, and Courageous too...great movies!


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