November 22, 2011

Harvest Pumpkin

I was given this little pumpkin along with this instruction card years ago at a scrapbooking retreat. We made the activity a tradition every year here.  It has been one of the funnest traditions we have during the fall season at our house.

It is called the Harvest Pumpkin

This little tiny pumpkin that fits in the palm of our hands and the instruction card that says "May the spirit of the harvest warm your hearts and homes this season and throughout the year.  Secretly do a good deed for someone in your family.  Leave the harvest pumpkin in their pillow.  They in turn do something for someone else, passing the pumpkin on.  May it remind us all that small secret acts of kindness bring love and peace into our hears and homes."

This is something that Corbin starts asking me about weeks before fall begins.  "When are we going to do the harvest pumpkin thing Mommy?"  He just can't wait for it.  It is so cute too because once we start and it is his turn he can't hold onto it for more than five minutes.  He just can't wait to bless someone else.  This year he helped Cody out by putting his blankets in his crib and he was thrilled to give the pumpkin to Cody.

This is a tradition that really makes you think. We try to do things for one another that don't involve money or buying something, rather a small simple act of kindness showing thoughtfulness.

My friend Kim who gave this to me takes this a step further in her home.  Her and her husband have a little trinket (I can't remember exactly what it was) but they exchange it throughout the whole year.  He may do something nice for her (in secret) and she might find it in her coat pocket, or she might do something for him and he may find it in his car console.  It is so sweet and helps to keep thinking about how to bless someone else. What a great marriage builder!

Obviously you don't have to have this exact pumpkin to do this in your family.  Pick something symbolic that means something to you and you can start the chain reaction of bringing a little joy to your loved ones each day.  I guarantee your family members will be blessed by this. Have fun and Happy Harvest



  1. wonderful!! thanks for sharing the visual, i remember you telling me about it before :-)

  2. What special memories. I remember how excited Corbin was when it was his turn to do something special for someone. Sure miss all the fun.


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