October 26, 2011

Apple Harvest

When Fall rolls around I always look forward to picking fresh apples and then turning them into tasty, sweet desserts.  Since I was a little girl my family and I always had a tradition of going to the local mountain town to pick apples and enjoy the cool, crisp fall air.  As I grew up there were less u-pick apple orchards in this mountain town but we still went and bought bags of fresh, in season apples.  Now that we have moved I knew we would be able to find a u-pick apple orchard.  We invited my Aunt and Uncle to come along with us for the adventure.

We had a nice day attending a street fair in this local town nearby us and before we left we sought out the best apple orchard.  We found this mom and pop orchard.  They literally run it out of their house.  Their RV garage is the store where they have wonderful apple products and to-die-for homemade caramels!  They were the sweetest little couple.  This couple will even do educational days where you can take your homeschool group there and they will teach the kids how to make apple cider.  It is really neat.

I wanted to share with you some of our pictures from apple picking at this orchard.  This was Cody's first time apple picking and it had been a really long time since I had done it too.  We had such a nice time.

This was the view from these people's house (the orchard)

My sweet Aunt and Uncle picked apples too.

They had these cool apple picking tools.  It would grab the apple and then fall into this soft foam pad.  They worked like a charm. You can see Corbin is taking this very seriously.

He's proud of his apple choice!

Cody wanted a turn too.  As he pulled the apple off he closed his eyes because it scared him a little.  So cute.

The beautifully manicured apple orchard and Corbin loving life.

We kept telling him not to pick up the rotten ones.

Me and my sweet boys.  This was such a great time.  I will always remember it.

Pumpkin Heads.  They had a bunch of photo ops around the orchard so here we are in one of them. Cody didn't quite get what we were doing. 

With all the apples we picked I made Gluten Free apple pancakes, Gluten Free applesauce (twice), and Gluten free Apple Cake from my favorite cookbook Gluten Free on a Shoestring.


  1. I love the pictures. I already wrote a message but it didn't post. Love, Mom

  2. love the way you describe this tradition :-() Idaho suits your family so wonderfully!

  3. I love how green the orchard is...not so much of the orchards around here! ;) And those gluten free goodies sound yummy!


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