August 22, 2011

Oh how I have missed you!

I have missed blogging, writing about my life and sharing fun photos!  Saying life has been crazy would an understatement.  There has literally been a few moments here or a few moments there to "play" but all the rest has been work.  Here is what has been happening:

Let's see... 
  • We took a vacation.  Sorry I didn't include you in that but it really was a working vacation.  It was very nice to get away but it was truly a whirlwind. 
  • Having smores on vacation using Mega Marshmallows!  I had one but without the Graham Cracker.  I can't wait to make homemade Gluten Free Graham Crackers.  I just found a recipe!
    This is not a wonderful photo but I had to share the dessert we had on our vacation.  We made Pamela's Chocolate Waffles and topped them with peanut butter, vanilla ice cream, hot fudge an an M&M. It was truly decadent.  Just look on the side of her mix for the waffle recipe if you want to make these.
  • Great news! We bought a house.  Our first house ever!  We are in escrow and anyone out there who has bought a house knows how time consuming this process can be.  It is all exciting but very chaotic. It seems to take up most spare moments we have.  I am surprised I am even able to take the time to post this now but grateful to be able to.
  • The house we bought is in another state!  This is something I have prayed for now for about 7 years for various reasons!  God has been faithful to answer this prayer in His timing. Because we are buying out of state that adds a whole new twist to the paperwork, financing, etc. to buying a house.  It is even more of a tangled web but truly wonderful and I trust God to work out ALL the details.
  • We sold one of our vehicles.  We couldn't believe how fast it sold.  Posted it one day and it was sold two days later!
  • Our oldest boy turn 6 in July.  I still can't believe he is six. He is an amazing little guy with such a spunky spirit.  We went to a local amusement park to celebrate.  This was a place he wanted to go to for a long time. It was a ton of fun and we were even able to meet our cousins there to have dinner with us. We also had a family celebration at home.

    Six year old Dinosaur themed birthday party complete with Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes with "Sprinkles" strawberry frosting.  Yummy!
  • We had a funeral.  My 92 year old Grandpa went home to be with the Lord. He will be missed. He was really suffering and I am so happy that he is resting and with his beloved Janie in heaven.
  • One of our vehicles has been in and out of the shop getting much needed work done on it.  It has been somewhat inconvenient but I am so grateful to have the means to fix it and that my husband knows trustworthy people in the industry to get the job done.
  • Corbin participated in his third VBS.  He loved it.  I am glad he got to go because it will probably be the last time he will with his current friends in this setting.
  • Steve and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary.  I am grateful for this seventh year of spiritual completion.  Though we will never be complete in the Lord until we are with him, He has truly done a work in our marriage and rearranged everything for the better.  He has allowed our lives to be turned upside down and has shaken us up a bit and now we are right side up again and happy to celebrate our life together. We are grateful for year 8 - the year of new beginnings!  Literally!
    • It has been many years since Steve and I got away for an anniversary and this year we were able to again.  I highly recommend getting away with your spouse to celebrate your relationship if you can (with no kids.) My parents were generous in keeping the kids and we got away overnight.  We had some nice meals and conversations.  We had some much needed relaxation and time to process all that is going on in our lives and how far the Lord has brought us.  It was truly the best anniversary.
Here we are enjoying our time away with each other.

  • Lastly, today we started school.  First grade that is!  I feel somewhat unprepared this year, in that I am in process of packing as well as starting school but God's timing is never mine.  I am thankful we homeschool for this flexibility in being able to move right around when school starts. I am using the Bible, Konos, Singapore Math, Christ Centered Curriculum for Phonics and a few other supplements.  Today was a good start.  Thank you Lord!
    • We played "Dark Tag" tonight as part of our Authority and Light unit.  We talked about how hard it was to play Tag in the dark.  It is kind of like how hard it is to function in life without light.  We can't walk through our lives without being in the light (of Jesus that is.) If we try to do it in the dark we stumble and may hurt ourselves and as my son stated "It can be very scary at times."  Corbin totally got the analogy and we had a great time in "school" at the same time. Love Konos!

My sweet big boy!

Those are the big things that have happened and as you can imagine the little in things in life still go on as well.  Eating gluten free, making meals, paying bills, doctors appointments, swim lessons, play time with the kids and on and on. Life is joyful and I am feasting on it now!

I wish I could say I will be back on track with posting but I know I wont right now. Eventually I will though.  I am going to try to post when I can but I know this next few months is going to continue to be hectic and I have got to keep priorities right with God first and family second.  I know you'll understand. I will keep in touch though!


  1. What a great post! All praises to the Lord! Indeed very exciting times, it's wonderful that you were able to document these blessings and share the photos too! Love it all! I will greatly miss you, my dear friend.

  2. When I read everything above, it is so cool to see God's hand and fingerprints all over the place. I'm so excited for you and Steve and the boys. God has some amazing things ahead. :)


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