October 25, 2010

I knew it

Last week when I posted for Menu Monday I had some hesitation.  I hesitated on putting Homeade chicken noodle soup on my menu.  When it came to mind I thought, "I hope this doesn't mean that I am going to be sick on the day I have this soup planned."  Then I thought, "Well that is silly, what are the chances?" "I haven't had this in a while and it is perfect soup weather so we are going to have it." "Just because I like it when I am sick doesn't mean I am going to be sick!"

Guess what?

I starting getting sick on the day I had the soup planned! 
The good thing is that I wasn't too sick to make it on the day planned. So we still had it and it hit the spot.

 I haven't been able to beat this bug.  Actually it got better then it was gone for a day then it came back and got worse and now I am still feeling pretty yucky.  Today is better than yesterday which was spent mostly on the couch.  So needless to say - I don't have a menu to post today.  I haven't felt like devoting the mental energy to creating one so this week we are going to fly by the seat of our pants!

By the way I have to tell you that Susie's To Die For Crock Pot Roast was so so, so yummy.  Actually I had some leftover roast today on some buttered toast for lunch!  I have never tasted meat so flavorful - especially a roast. It was also so juicy and tender, no dryness at all!

Do you want the recipe?  It is SO easy!  Let me ask Susie if I can post it or if she can on her blog and I will let you know.  Seriously this is THE best roast I have ever had! You've got to try it!

Have a joyful week!  In fact why not Feast on Joy this week?

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  1. Oh yea, I'm so glad you tried it, it's wonderful! It's from a friend of mine, though- I can't take full credit. PW's pot roast is really easy to make, too and it involves about a 1/2 hour to prep and roasts 3 hours in the oven- delish on both accounts. Yes, please post Suzanne's pot roast and I'll send you her link to her blog :)


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