September 24, 2010

One week ago today

Steve was home from the hospital for only a few hours.  In extreme pain and barely able to move at the pace of a turtle.  Today he is moving a bit more freely although very achy and still in a decent amount of pain.  Sciatica pain that is.  He is taking less pain medication and able to get around and do most things independently though.  It has been a roller coaster for him each day physically and mentally.  Some days he wakes up achy and with no shooting pain, some days waking up with no achiness but instead a headache and sciatic pain.  It varies so much.  We can't wait for a follow up appointment on Monday to find out what is normal and what is not.  This week we ran into a person that had almost the exact same surgery.  Talking to him put Steve at ease and gave him some encouragement because the man we ran into was surprised that Steve was out of the house 9 days after surgery AND he was in the hospital for three days with his surgery.  It was a divine appointment.  Thank you for your continued prayers, we need them.

Have a great weekend.

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