September 15, 2010

Day Two and Red Light Praises

Today is day two of Steve's recovery.  He was supposed to come home from the hospital today but was not able too.  He is in a lot of pain and it is a good thing he is staying under 24/7 care because the kind of care he needs right now I cannot give him.  He wants to come home though and I am sure he will soon.  The doctor tested his leg strength and it is good.  Both legs have the same strength now whereas before the left leg was weaker.  That is great improvement already.  He has been up walking a couple times today and that is a good thing.  The physical therapist will work with him again in the morning and see where he is at and if he needs to stay another night in the hospital.  This is a bit of a tougher journey than we expected.  You prayers are appreciated and we want to thank you for your prayers so far.  They have been felt.

So, on another subject.... what are "Red Light Praises?"  Well they are something I heard about from a lady named Carol Hopson.  She said that when she comes to a red light while driving she praises the Lord instead of grumbling.  I decided (since I have a problem of grumbling at red lights) that this would be a good idea to implement.  So today on my way to the hospital I found myself starting to grumble while stopped at a red light and I remembered this idea.  It is totally fun and it works!  It took the focus off me and my dumb ole' impatience and put the focus on the Lord.  So cool!  Corbin got into it (although reluctantly at first) and he really enjoyed it.  He said the funniest thing.  One of his praises was, "I praise God for two kinds of cameras.  One that takes pictures if we do things illegally and one that takes normal pictures."   Again - there is my ten year old speaking.  "Illegally?"  He cracks me up.  It is also funny that he even knows about these red light cameras because I seriously have never gotten a ticket from one.  It was so precious to hear all of his praises and awesome because he thinks of things that I don't.  I highly recommend trying this, it really is a wonderful idea.  Thank you Carol for this!

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