September 19, 2010

Day Six

Well today has been the best day for Steve.  He is still in a good amount of pain but it is shooting pain and it is not constant.  He was able to step in the shower today and stand for quite a while.  That is progress for sure.  Still a lot of resting and taking is easy and that will be the way of life for a while for him.  Rest is good.  Please continue praying for our family.  This is tough but God is healing Steve.

Here is one of my favorite songs that has helped get me through more than one tough time in my life:

I will walk by faith by Jeremy Camp (my favorite)

Come by for a visit tomorrow for Menu Monday's return!

Many Blessings

1 comment:

  1. What a praise {smile}. God has blessed your family that you, his helpmeet, is an at-home wife and mother, and that the kids are right alongside you guys. The kids get to see the Lord "at work" right in front of their eyes and learn firsthand how to lean on the Lord and walk with Him. What an opportunity to truly teach our children how in our weakness, we are strengthened through Him. All the glory goes to Him!~gina


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