August 17, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. We are starting school next Tuesday.  My big boy is going to be in Kindergarten!  I need prayer in having Cody AND teaching Corbin at the same time.  I know God will work it out.  So many people do it. It is all just so new to me.

2. I could watch Food Network all the time.  It makes me hungry though.  I just finished watching The Next Food Network Star Series and my favorite person won.  Aarti!  I can't wait for her show. I liked Tom and Herb too and I hear Tom got a show as well.

3. Cody is getting quite the tude'  When he doesn't get something he wants his body shakes violently and he does this growl thing.  It is such a crack up.

4. Corbin said to me today after I told him to play cars with Cody, "But Mom, Cody is not capable of playing cars the way I want to play them."  Huh? Seriously is he five years old or 15?

5. We have Garden Club this week.  We get to go plant and harvest fruits and veggies with Grandmas and Grandpas at an assisted living facility.  I have learned a ton about gardening there and we always come home with some wonderful organic produce.  It also gets Corbin and I out of our comfort zone and it is a blessing to be around the elderly.

6. My headaches are getting more and more frequent and I am getting tired of them.  I really have nothing to complain about though in comparison to my poor husband suffering from an 8mm disc bulge in his spine. He is soon to have relief through surgery.

7. On that note - finding a Neurosurgeon AND getting an appointment is the pits.  I never thought it would be this difficult.  I have to continue to trust in God's perfect timing.

8.  I am itching to scrapbook again.  I plan to make a time very soon to get some more of my own personal albums done.  Creative Memories has come out with some beautiful new Power Palettes and tools that I have and can't wait to use. I love getting new stuff from CM, it is like Christmas!

9. My favorite season of the year is fast approaching!  Fall.  I love fall colors, warm sweaters, cool crisp air and fall food. I can't wait.

10. I have been gifted "Goliath" - not the banana, the big green thing! I just put the banana there for scale.  That my friends is the biggest zucchini I have ever seen. It was grown by my wonderful Aunt and Uncle.  Hmmm.. what shall I do with him?  Cheesy Zucchini Casserole or maybe a quiche.  You can't go wrong with Fried Zucchini either.  Maybe this will make all of the above?  We will soon find out.

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  1. Don't forget zucchini muffins and bread and broth soups and and well, how about zucchini candy?! My parents were in the same situation with oversized zucc's.

    Will keep you in prayer with your headaches, girl. They certainly do slow one down.


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