August 27, 2010

Mind Blowing Science

I got Corbin this science kit for his birthday called "Mind Blowing Science."  He loves doing experiments as I did and still do.  He has been asking me everyday since he got it if we can do some experiments.  The other day when I put Cody down for his morning nap I thought it would be a perfect time to get the kit out and try some of the fun.  Turns out there are 12 total experiments in this kit and it comes with almost everything you need - aside from water and trays!  I was very impressed.  We tried the first two experiments and after we were done with them we wrote up what we learned in his science notebook.  I figured this will go in his science folder for school.  We learned about solids, liquids, gases, acids, bases, carbon dioxide, solutions, and more.  Now I don't expect him to remember all of this but for a 5 year old this is a good introduction to science and the experimentation process.

This time learning about science was well spent because it enforced and enabled his
  • listening skills
  • ability to follow directions precisely
  • hand eye coordination
  • memorization
  • curiousity to try new ideas and creativity
For a twenty dollar purchase this product was very well worth it and a lot of fun. This company "Scientific Explorer" has many other science kits like this in different themes.

1 comment:

  1. this looks fun! when we're done w/ the science wiz ones we're using, i'd like to give this one a shot. i like corbin in the lab glasses!


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