July 5, 2010

Summer Bruschetta

Let me introduce you to one of my favorite summer recipes.  Summer Bruschetta.  You could have this any time of year but the best time is to have it when Roma tomatoes are in season.  Which is now.

Actually, I am not a huge fan of tomatoes especially grape (or cherry) tomatoes that pop a bunch a seeds in your mouth when you chew them.  Yuck!  I do, however, like tomatoes on a hamburger, or fried green tomatoes.  I love them in my Bruschetta too because when I make it I take all the slimy seeds out.  I also LOVE Balsamic vinegar.  Have you had that on Strawberries? It's a must have,  Maybe I will share that recipe sometime too.

Anyway, lets get to the recipe.

You will need Roma tomatoes, fresh picked (or bought) basil, balsamic vinegar, fresh garlic cloves, mozzarella cheese, olive oil, salt, pepper, and crusty french bread.  Oh, and some butter if you so choose.

Quarter the tomatoes.  Then slice the seeds out of them.  Once the seeds are out, dice the tomatoes up. Wash your basil, stack up the leaves, roll them a little and then julienne cut them.  You make little strips out of the basil when you do this.  You can also cut them in the opposite direction - essentially chopping the basil. Finely chop your garlic cloves (sorry no picture of this) and put that all into a bowl.

Next chop your mozzarella cheese into little cubes.  Make sure that all ingredients you are chopping up are bite size.  As you will see in this picture I used "string cheese."  I went shopping for either fresh mozzarella or the ball shaped kind in the plastic and they were so expensive!  I remembered that I had string cheese at home and decided I would use that.  It is the same thing as the mozzarella cheese ball in the plastic wrap.  It is not the same as the fresh stuff though.  That is softer. I would not recommend the fresh in this because it soaks up too much of the balsamic vinegar. The fresh is divine in other recipes though. 

Slice your french bread and place pieces on a cookie sheet.  You can brush olive oil onto this or melted butter and garlic salt.  Or you can just spray a little with a cooking spray like I did.  It works - trust me.  Pop your bread under the broiler to toast it. Don't forget it and burn it like I have done many times in the past!  Also, do me a favor - buy really good french bread for this recipe.  I bought a cheap loaf thinking it would be good (trying to pinch pennies) and I regretted it.  It just wasn't the same crustiness, you know?

While your bread is toasting add olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper to the tomato, cheese mix.  Stir.  Serve this on the toasted bread.


10 Roma tomatoes seeded and diced
A handful of fresh basil (or store bought), washed and chopped
2 garlic cloves, minced
2 sticks of string cheese or half of a mozzarella ball diced
2-3 Tlbs. Balsamic vinegar
3 Tlbs. Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper (to taste)
Loaf of Crusty French Bread sliced and toasted

Combine all ingredients in a bowl.  Stir to get oil and vinegar onto all the ingredients. Put bruschetta onto bread slices and enjoy!

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  1. I love the pictures; it just looks refreshing!


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