May 11, 2010

7 Months

My baby boy is 7 months old already!  Cody is such a joy to have around.  He is the most content baby (aside from Corbin - he was content too.)  Cody smiles all the time.  He is learning to be shy.  He tilts his head and hides a little when new faces are around. When he finds something interesting he doesn't automatically put it in his mouth.  He studies it a bit.  Twisting and turning it in his hands.  He studies his hands a lot too.  He is starting to understand a bit of sign language.  He gives me the most awesome hugs - arms wrapped around the neck and all. He also loves to give me kisses.  Love em'.  He snuggles up so nicely when he is tired.  I cherish his smiles and his little leg kicks when he sees me coming.  It brings me such joy when I hear his belly laughs and when he squeals with delight.  I love this boy more than he will ever know! 

Thank you Lord for another miracle addition to our family.


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